Hosted by Tony Morgan &
The Unstuck Group

Wednesday, February 17 at 1pm EST

45 minutes webinar + 15 minutes live Q&A 

Panelists: Warren Bird, Paul Alexander, Amy Anderson and Ryan Stigile


Making Multisite Work

Multisite was once a rare strategy utilized by only the largest megachurches. Today, it is a common topic of conversation among senior leadership teams of every church size.

Leadership Network recently reported that over 8,000 churches in America have adopted a multisite approach. Yet based on our experience, we expect few churches would say they have perfected it. Leading one church in multiple locations comes with a wide array of challenges.

The Making Multisite Work webinar will offer our latest insights into what successful multisite churches are doing differently. We’ll share findings based on our survey of over 100 multisite church leaders along our own team’s combined 40 years of multisite leadership experience.

Specifically, the Making Multisite Work webinar will offer the following:

    • 5 factors that set successful multisite churches apart

    • How to know when your church is “big enough” to go multisite

    • The staffing structure used by effective multisite churches to make clear decisions

    • What to look for when selecting a Campus Pastor

    • The single factor that causes some multisite churches to grow 44% faster on average

Whether you’re already leading one church in many locations or simply considering if multisite may be in your future, it will further your perspective to help you move forward.