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by Troy Page, The Unstuck Group Consultant

Eight years ago I was asked to assume the role of communications pastor at Fellowship Church. I’m convinced it was because I had a good eye for design and a knack for trends. I thought all I had to do was lead the graphics team to create the coolest and hippest designs. However, I quickly realized there was much more to this role than having an eye for design.

Here the top 10 qualities I have found necessary to be a great church communications leader:

  1. Creative – able to think out of the box and design communications that get the attention of the culture.
  2. Strategic – a gift to see the big picture and design systems that make all the pieces fit together.
  3. Loyal – believes in the vision and tenaciously communicates it.
  4. Organized – ability to spin multiple plates while managing time and meeting deadlines.
  5. Progressive – innate sense of where culture and technology is headed with the discernment of when to change.
  6. Practical – makes sure in the midst of creativity, art, and design, people get the message.
  7. Intuitive – can trust their gut and knows if something will work within the context of the culture.
  8. Communicator –  can naturally translate concepts and communicate clear messages through art and words.
  9. Influencer – relationally connects and influences others to jump on board with new ideas.
  10. Good Eye – an inherent sense of what artistically works when directing graphic, web, and video design/production.

In addition to our existing consulting services, our team would love to talk to you about reviewing your church’s communications systems: staffing, website, graphic design, branding, social media and messaging to help you create a strategic communications structure and plan. Contact us if you would like to find out more information.

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