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By Tony Morgan

Having a position of leadership doesn’t make you a leader. Does that sound like old news? Maybe it should, but I have evidence that plenty of churches, businesses and governments haven’t figured this out yet.

I believe some people are born with leadership gifts from God. Sure, we can all improve our leadership abilities and grow in this area, but we all run our race from different starting lines. Some of us have leadership gifts that others don’t–which is a great thing! We need all of the gifts God has imparted to humanity to have a dynamic, healthy church.

Over the years, I’ve seen a common thread of traits in people who have leadership positions but aren’t genuine leaders. Here’s my list; have you observed other traits that should be added?

You’re not a leader if…

  • No one is following you.
  • You tell yourself more money and a larger team will be the tickets to accomplishing your vision.
  • You’re satisfied.
  • You tend to blame others for your circumstances rather than take responsibility for solutions.
  • You rarely (if ever) admit mistakes.
  • You check the box on tasks instead of filtering everything through the vision.
  • You only dream within the scope of what you believe you can achieve.

If you look through this list and feel confident you are a leader, maybe it’s time to take a look at your team, or at the very least, all future hires through this same lens. The church needs more true leaders leading.

Photo Credit: Hamed Saber via Compfight cc

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