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Exciting news! Today, The Unstuck Group released the latest research on church communications.

We believe that churches have the most important message to communicate. We also know that many churches find themselves stuck in this area. That’s why we paused to ask 186 churches about the ways they communicate. Our goal was to take the pulse of church communications and help leaders like you grow in this area. This report provides a summary of key findings that could enhance the way you communicate in five key areas:

Style Guide + Strategy

Communications Staffing + Volunteers

Weekend Promotions


Social Media

In addition to surprising findings, the report includes action steps to get your church’s communications unstuck. You’ll also find a Communications Scorecard to see how well you’re doing in 15 critical areas. Best of all, there’s no cost to you!

So take a moment and download your copy of Say What?! Key Research on Church Communications from The Unstuck Group. Then join us in getting church communications unstuck.


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