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By Tony Morgan >>>

Yes, it seems like Labor Day was just last week; you’re in the frame of mind for Fantasy Football, not Christmas. But we’re bringing attention to holiday season for a reason:

It’s one of the single best times of year to reach unchurched people in your community. AND we know the majority of churches do not have an advertising agency-sized team of creatives ready to help you plan how to reach your community. If you’re willing to start thinking about this now, we’ll bet you can pull together a volunteer team of talented, committed people in your church who are excited about seeing people meet Jesus this December.

During the holidays, churches compete with everything culture throws at us – work parties, shopping, parades, winter recreational activities and more. It’s no wonder people tune out what the church has to say.

What if you took a new approach to your Christmas services this year? What if you stood out this year? With some creativity, you could profoundly impact your community and the lives of your church members’ families and friends. You don’t have to have a Broadway production. You don’t have to do what you’ve always done. Ask yourself – and your team – some key questions:

  • How can we connect people both inside and outside our church in a creative way?
  • How can we serve like Jesus and capture the hearts of the community?
  • What should our Christmas service look like?
  • What is the key win for Christmas services?

Dream a bit! Then, build a team of volunteers to help you plan, write, design, produce and promote. Identify the people, work out a schedule, brainstorm and pray together, divvy up assignments over the next several months — you’re likely to be amazed by what your church can pull off.

We have two short videos you can check out on Planning for Christmas Services as a starting point to get your tinsel juices flowing:

One more thing: Even if your church does have a staff team that typically pulls all of this off, have you considered how adding volunteers into the mix could make this year special, different, and help you keep from falling back into the same old routines?

Photo Credit: Ryan Vaarsi via Compfight cc

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