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By Tiffany Deluccia >>>

At The Unstuck Group, we believe the team out-performs the individual every time. With that mantra, we build our staff based on a vital set of core values. Today we introduce the newest member of our team – Mark Morgan. Besides serving as one of our ministry consultants, Mark is currently the executive pastor at Lakeview Fellowship Church in Ft. Worth, Texas and a business owner.

TIFFANY: How/when did you discover you had a passion for helping churches get unstuck?

Mark Morgan Headshot Aug. 2014MARK: My dad was a school superintendent for nearly my entire life. He developed a reputation as a turn-around man for schools that were in trouble. I think I inherited and picked up some of his ability to look at an organization and quickly troubleshoot it, determine key fixes and how to recruit and train individuals to build winning teams.

Churches that were stuck bothered me from a very young age. Unfortunately, I spent some of my formative years in churches that would fit this description. Shortly after graduating from college, I found myself volunteering at a church and applying the skills I had learned growing up. When I eventually became a full-time church staff member, I had the opportunity to share with many other ministry leaders around the country. This is what really triggered my desire to help churches get unstuck.

TIFFANY: You’ve been on staff at both mega and smaller churches. What’s something each could learn from the other?

MARK: I think smaller churches can learn from larger churches how to create clear vision, plan ahead, set high standards, create consistency and effectiveness through good support systems, and how to give away ministry to volunteers. I believe larger churches can learn from smaller churches how to remember the importance of personal and intimate relationships, flexibility, and to see how God still does his work even when things aren’t perfect. Oh… and to not obsess about the numbers.

TIFFANY: What valuable things did you learn about leadership in multi-site churches while launching three new campuses for Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas?

MARK: I learned the importance of a clear, engaging and exciting vision. I also learned how to delegate by finding the right people, investing in them, and equipping and empowering them to run, which is essential for multi-site to work.

I also learned how to lead without being in the pulpit, and how to be loyal in service to the senior pastor’s vision. This is something every campus pastor has to learn. In addition, campus pastors need to be good at figuring out how to get more done with less, and they need to regularly prioritize freeing themselves up from the details to look at the big picture. It’s been said time and again, but leadership often requires making the tough decisions, and people won’t always like you. You have to really rely on God for wisdom and the Holy Spirit for sensitivity and direction.


Photo Credit: Vik Nanda via Flickr cc

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