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Prolific: producing much fruit, producing many works, high-scoring, plentiful, abundant, creative, productive, inventive.

The beginning of a new year is typically a time to reflect on the you built last year, the things in life we’d like to improve. It’s a chance to resolve to have and be more in the coming months than we had and were in the last 12. A lot of times, resolutions become tangled up with emotions like guilt, regret or shame. Why? Because they start out focused on our deficiencies and only 8% of people actually achieve them.

Our friends at PushPay from eChurchGiving (one of our newest strategic partners) is turning the tables on resolutions in 2015, choosing to emphasize our excess rather than our lack. The best single word they found to describe this perspective is “prolific.” It’s a word that contains elements of abundance, creativity, productivity, plenty, and just general excess.

Excess is generally perceived negatively, especially as it relates to our American way of life. But the truth is, our cups were meant to run over, not with stuff, but with values like generosity, gratitude, compassion, and celebration. Let’s shift our New Year perspective to our blessings — and to being a blessing — rather than on our lack.

Two of our team members contributed to this project, and we hope you will enjoy it! The eBook, Be Prolific in 2015: Resolutions That Focus on Our Excess Rather Than Our Lack, is available now for download.

Photo Credit: Poetprince via Compfight cc

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