Is your church healthy?

Pastors often answer this question by “feel” alone. While there are certainly some aspects of church health that are highly abstract, two measures of health can always be quantified: attendance growth and baptisms. They aren’t the only metrics, but by combining these two we came up with a “health score” to help bring clarity to an abstract concept.

Tracking your church’s health score* allows you to see not only if a church is growing but also how the church grew. Incorporating baptisms into the metric helps show how effective a church is at reaching the unchurched, not just growing in attendance.

In our Next Level Teams study, we used the health score metric to identify trends of healthy churches. The research revealed that churches can significantly improve their health when leadership sets clear, measurable goals, and their health improves even further when measurable goals are partnered with a strategy implemented throughout the entire organization.

Here’s more detail about what the research found:

1. When a church defines clear, measurable goals for staff members, the health score of the church increases by 23%, on average, from 7.4 to 9.1.

Be intentional about setting goals. Make sure the goals are realistic, easy to measure, and have a timeframe for completion.

2. If a church with goals also creates its staff structure from its overall strategy, the health score jumps 41% to an average of 10.4.

Most churches hire additional staff based on traditional structure or out of perceived need. Instead, develop a clear vision for your church and hire staff based on how that vision is best accomplished.

3. When a church combines (1) clear, measurable goals and its (2) structure built on strategy with (3) a strategy implemented throughout the organization, its health score increases 51% to an average of 11.2.

A strategy is more effective if everyone in the organization is on the same page. This unity can increase the strength and reach of your overall strategy.

A church must not only know where it is going but how it is going to get there. Therefore, we encourage you to sit down with your leadership team today and begin to take these simple three steps to becoming a healthier church.

*The health score is a measurement combining a church’s attendance growth and the number of baptisms as a percentage of church attendance. From our research, a solid health score to strive for is 10. You can find a more in depth explanation of this score in our full report.

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