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We continue to build our team here at The Unstuck Group, and today we introduce you to Josh Clark, one of our newest ministry consultants. Josh is a pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar, CA. Read on to get to know him — He shares his story of joining our team along with some leadership and speaking lessons learned over the years.

TIFFANY: Could you tell me about your background and experience that led you to become a part of The Unstuck Team?

JOSH: I first connected with Tony Morgan when he was at Granger Community Church, and years later, I participated in one of his coaching networks. When I started at Cornerstone Community Church in 2013, I knew Tony and The Unstuck Group could help us refine our vision and direction for the next season of our church. Our Senior Pastor agreed, and we partnered with Unstuck in a full engagement.

The renewed energy that came as a result of fresh clarity around mission, vision, and core strategies was incredible, and the momentum we experienced as we executed focused action initiatives was exciting.

I decided to become licensed to facilitate our internal StratOp process. It was such a joy for me that it was very appealing to serve other churches in this way. Being a part of the Unstuck team was a natural next step for me personally, and our local church sees it as a way to invest in other churches. Either that or they just want me out of the office.

TIFFANY: How/when did you discover you had a passion for helping churches get unstuck?

JOSH: I’m a maximizer. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a plateaued resource push through barriers to reach new heights. Whether I’ve been in the marketplace or the church, I’ve spent my entire career helping organizations find renewal. My favorite story is probably my first experience helping a ministry get Unstuck. It involved a struggling student ministry at a great church in northeast Ohio. The Senior Pastor empowered me to join an incredible team of volunteers. Over the next three years, God gave us an off-campus, 16,000 square foot student center that continues to reach 100’s of students today.

TIFFANY: What’s been one of the most unexpected leadership lessons you’ve learned while working in the local church?

JOSH: People don’t want a perfect leader; people want an authentic one. I worship alongside a family every weekend that is back in church partly because I admitted to lying about “borrowing” someone’s toothbrush. It’s too long a story to tell here; maybe I’ll blog about it soon. I’ve found that confession is better than concealment both for you and for those who follow you. Whether you lead in the church, the marketplace or your home, owning your need for grace allows others a better chance to both give and receive it.

TIFFANY: What tips do you have for teaching pastors who want to better connect with church-goers this year?

I’m definitely still learning as a communicator. Just be yourself. I believe people, churched and unchurched, are desperate for leaders who are authentic. When a teacher presents truth that has first transformed them, it is powerful.

Practically, if you’re a young communicator, find some great speakers who resonate with you and study their craft. I’ve always enjoyed Andy Stanley’s teaching. His single point, “Me – We – God – You – Us” speaking structure was helpful while I was still formulating my own personal style. When you’re young, it’s all about reps. We all have 500 or so bad sermons to get out of us. Find some great communicators you can model, but make it your own. It’s amazing how God will use simple truth communicated from the platform of a changed life.


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