A “growth barrier” is an abstract wall, even though it can feel like a literal one. There’s nothing special about numbers that end in zero, but we often hear pastors express frustration that their church can’t seem to grow beyond 1,000 or 2,000 or whatever the number is.

When you’re feeling stuck, it’s easy to start grasping at all kinds of methods that larger churches have used to catapult you forward. The problem is, that’s not strategic leadership.

Behind every barrier lies a need to develop both leaders and systems. And we’ve found leadership coaching networks to be one of the best ways to address both of those needs.

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If you’re feeling the weight of a growth barrier, I encourage you to explore the possibility of joining one of these new groups that start up in October:


Designed to help you move from reaching hundreds to reaching 1,000 by clarifying what’s working and what’s wrong, defining an action plan for next steps, and establishing a staffing and ministry structure that supports growth and health. It’s a nine-month, collaborative coaching experience that includes three gatherings in Atlanta, GA and six live, virtual meetings.

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Designed to help you develop strategies to tackle the unique challenges of larger churches including leadership development, staffing, communications, discipleship and establishing healthy growth engines. This nine-month, collaborative coaching experience includes three gatherings in Dallas, TX and six live, virtual meetings.

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We only have a few more spaces in each of these networks. (Our Multisite Leadership Coaching Network has already filled up!) The deadline to apply is September 1.

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