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UPDATE: This event is now over. If you missed it, check out the video replay on YouTube.


Here at The Unstuck Group, we are incredibly excited about 2017. Why? We’re hearing from hundreds of pastors across the country who plan to take significant steps to get unstuck this year — pastors who believe their church has a compelling purpose, even if it’s been lost, derailed or delayed. 

We love the mission of church planting, but we get particularly fired up by seeing churches revitalized, restored and renewed. That’s why everything we do is designed to help churches get unstuck.

Back in December, several hundred of you answered our poll to find out the Top 3 changes you wanted to lead in 2017. Here’s what you said you wanted most to do this year:

  1. Rally Your Church Around a New Vision

  2. Simplify Your Church’s Discipleship Pathway

  3. Reorganize Their Church’s Leadership Structure

We’ll do our best to support all three of those goals in the coming months. But to kick things off, we wanted to pull together some of our favorite people to speak into your planning process and share what they’ve learned about leading big changes like these.

Tony Morgan, Carey Nieuwhof, Paul Alexander and Gabe Kolstad are going to host a conversation on January 23 to speak into key aspects of leading these three kinds of change.

It will be a 45 minute free webinar followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A.


Space is limited and going fast, so if you want to get in, get your name in asap!

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