At The Unstuck Group, we believe in the power of  a clear vision and a solid action plan to help churches move forward.

But too often, we see churches seek God for a vision, diligently plan for action and then hit a wall they don’t have to hit. We have seen passionate teams and inspiring visions stall out because one key aspect commonly receives too little focus —


funding vision

We often see church leaders sidestep this component of vision. No matter the effort and inspiration, an underfunded vision will result in a stagnant plan.

This is why we are excited to host a free webinar TODAY in partnership with our friends at  INJOY Stewardship Solutions, Underfunded: 4 Reasons Church Vision Stalls. We will start the conversation around the most common reasons we see church vision stall when it comes to funding.

We will help you recognize and diagnose issues like:

  • The Un-fundable Vision

  • Fundraising vs. Building a Generous Culture

  • The Campaign Trap

  • Not Knowing What You Don’t Know (And Proceeding Anyway)

Join us today as we discuss practical next steps to ensure your church’s vision doesn’t go underfunded.


We hope to see you there!

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