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“There is a better way of doing church.”

Pastor Eric from St. Johns Lutheran Church was looking for a way to bring in an outside voice to improve his church’s health when he found out about the Unstuck Process. The process helped Eric realize things about his church that he would not have otherwise.

“One of the most surprising things for me was to look back at the history of our church and realize we had been in decline for almost 10 years and didn’t know it. We realized maybe some of the reasons that we haven’t been growing the last 5-7 years is because of what we were doing, and we can change that. I think that was eye-opening for us.”

After working with The Unstuck Group, St. Johns Lutheran has experienced several signs of tangible growth. They have broken 400 in attendance, executed a clear vision for the church, had many new first-time guests and taken the children’s ministry to new levels.

Eric said that some of the big things he is looking forward to this year in his church is building a discipleship pathway, finishing a facilities master plan with a focus on youth, building a serving system/volunteer ministry and working on a new service.

He said that they are in the process of a building campaign for a new facility with a dedicated space for elementary, middle school and high school. This was in the response to some “unpleasant” feedback that Ron from The Unstuck Group had given about the children’s facilities. Pastor Eric said this was a theme of going through the Unstuck Process.

“They helped us see things that we didn’t want to see, and hear things that we didn’t want to hear but really needed to. The things that Ron taught us—we’re actually incorporating them.”

Pastor Eric said that the feedback from The Unstuck Group was helpful not only for the church as a whole, but also for him personally also.

“One of the most important things that Ron did was to help us write a vision statement. Our congregation has a purpose, and it has given us a whole new excitement and urgency.  I certainly have grown spiritually because it’s challenged me to step up to the leadership plate. The Unstuck Group, especially Ron, really challenged me personally to grow, that if I wanted my church to grow then I had to step out in faith and grow.”

He said that it was great to work with such an encouraging group of fellow believers with a shared cause.

“As believers, none of us can do it all by ourselves. It was the level of expertise, knowledge and wisdom that Unstuck provided for us was so helpful.”

“As believers, none of us can do it all by ourselves. It was the level of expertise, knowledge and wisdom that Unstuck provided for us was so helpful.” Click To Tweet

“What Unstuck has done is really given us a focus, we have reason, we have a mission, and we’re going at it. I would say to another church thinking about going through the process absolutely go for it. I am so glad that we did. They came in here and really got us headed in the right direction and have us moving down the path a lot quicker than we would have on our own. It’s a great investment for any church.”

Learn more about how we guide churches to focus vision, strategy and action through the Unstuck Process, or start a conversation to explore next steps.

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