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“Sometimes you’re so ‘in it’ that you don’t even have time to work on it.”

We love helping churches get unstuck. It’s the whole reason why we exist. And stories like this one from Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina can serve as such a powerful reminder of how valuable an outside perspective can be for opening your eyes to what you can’t see and breaking the barriers you didn’t know existed.

As one of the fastest growing churches in the country, Transformation Church celebrated a near 600 person attendance jump in one weekend. While their momentum was strong, they quickly found themselves feeling stuck when their systems weren’t able to handle their growth and their staff wasn’t equipped to handle their ministry.

After going through the Unstuck Process, here are a few things Transformation Church has seen happen in the last 12 months:

  • A shift in the culture reflecting more love, patience and, ultimately, feeling refueled into who God called them to be
  • Younger leaders are developing and flourishing
  • In the last year, a 180% increase in the number of people coming to faith (yes, 180%).
  • More innovative in ministry

Watch lead pastor Derwin Gray share his church’s story of transformation and growth… and how many lives have been changed in recent months through their ministry.

“Since The Unstuck Group helped us, my stress level has decreased. I’m having the most fun at Transformation Church that I’ve had in the last four years. I feel a lot more creative. I’m preaching better. I’m serving and leading better. As a result of that, I realize how being stuck the last four years affected me personally.”

Stories of churches getting unstuck keep us going. We hope it encourages you today.


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