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We’ve provided some examples of a job well done.. 

Shout-out to Calvary Southbury and Expectation Church for their effective homepages.

While everything is going online, your congregation doesn’t need to know where you’re located—They need to know how they can get connected virtually. How can they connect to their small group? Or get started in one? How can they give online? Are there ways to serve in the community? 

We’ve got our eyes peeled for churches who are going above and beyond to equip their community with helpful resources during this unique time. 

Calvary Southbury and Expectation Church have both re-organized their homepages and menus to be online churches for the time being, and we’re impressed. 


By highlighting kids’ ministry, online small groups, providing online resources and offering prayer on their home page, these folks have done a great job of communicating their priorities by making these elements present first things first.  

Kem Meyer, communications specialist and founder of Less Chaos. Less Noise, provided a few examples of other churches doing things well. Check them out here—

We’re sharing all sorts of things we’re seeing done well—resources from other organizations, churches equipping churches and a lot more on our Coronavirus Response Resources page. We’re really encouraged by the church being the church. 

Don’t see the resources you’re looking for? Let us know!

We’ll do our best to create it, or connect you with someone who has already done it well. We’re in this with you! 

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