About Jordan Gorveatte

Jordan is our Marketing and Communications Intern. She is currently a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Business Administration and Intercultural Studies. Jordan is passionate about effective communication in the church and seeing churches reach their communities for Jesus. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, and cooking.

Are You Missing Out on These?

Our team at The Unstuck Group loves to provide resources to help churches and leaders get unstuck. Our whole team currently serves in ministry roles and are always looking to learn and grow as leaders. One of our favorite resources are podcasts—they’re free, convenient, and available for just about any topic.

If you’re still not taking advantage of podcasts, here’s a clear post on how simple it is to start listening.

This past week, we swapped favorite podcast episodes and came up with this list of our recent top three. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful, too.


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Volunteer Engagement: Leading with a Scarcity Mentality

When it comes to volunteers, do you lead with a scarcity mentality?

A scarcity mentality can get your church stuck. And not just when it comes to our time or money, but with our people as well.

  • What if our volunteers find somewhere better to serve?
  • Are we offering them enough opportunities?
  • Why does it seem like they’re just not interested anymore?

We have bought into the lie that the mission and vision of our church is not big enough to compete with organizations outside the church that are also fighting for people’s attention. Not only is this harmful for our morale internally, but it’s also a sign of an inwardly-focused church.


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Reversing the Early Signs of Decline

Similar to the other phases on the right side of the life cycle of a church, the Maintenance Phase is hard to confirm and even harder to accept. In fact, our most recent data shows 60% of churches who took the team version of the Unstuck Church Assessment (which eliminates personal bias) were in Maintenance Phase, compared to just 20% of churches when the pastor took the individual assessment (which calculates the result based on his or her opinion-based responses).

That means as many as 40% of churches are in Maintenance Phase without realizing it. That should concern us.


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