New eBook: Funding Your Strategic Plan

Talking with your leadership team about money is rarely easy. Changing the way you spend it is even harder.

If you’re working with your leadership team to implement a strategic plan, it’s important to start a healthy conversation about finances to effectively navigate this touchy subject together.


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3 Ways to Squirrel-Proof Your Staff Meetings

My wife and I recently relocated to the Lake Cumberland area in Bronston, Kentucky. We love our new home, new friends and the lake isn’t bad either. But there are a few things I miss about our previous home. For example, I miss our large deck that was surrounded by huge oak trees. The oaks provided plenty of shade in the summer, but they also provided something else… squirrels.

During the first few years we lived there, they weren’t an issue. Fast forward several years and the squirrel population grew. After that, it didn’t take long to learn that squirrels could be a real nuisance, especially when they found their way into the attic. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to get rid of them because the people who bought our house inherited the new fluffy-tailed family.


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Leadership That Brings Lasting Change: An Interview with New Unstuck Consultant Dale Sellers

Meet Dale Sellers, the newest consultant for The Unstuck Group. Dale has had many years of ministry experience, directing a Christian music group, coordinating a Christian radio station and serving as a small church pastor for 12 years. Currently serving as the executive pastor for The Mill Church in Pickens, South Carolina, Dale is excited to use his experience and skills with the Unstuck Group to help small church pastors best lead their church.

I caught up with Dale to learn more about his passion to implement leadership that brings lasting change.


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5 Reasons Not to Strive for Consensus

I’m growing more and more convinced that the worst thing a church team can do is try to reach a consensus about something. On the surface, reaching a consensus seems like a positive thing because it means everyone has agreed to move in the same direction. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?


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Acting Head Coach: 5 Succession Mantras for an Uncharted Journey

If you are a fan of professional basketball, in particular the Golden State Warriors, you would know that Mike Brown has been declared “acting” head coach due to recent health issues concerning the contracted head coach, Steve Kerr. During this election cycle, we have also heard regularly that “so and so” is the “acting” Secretary of “such and such.”

Most of the people I know of who are in roles where they have the title “acting” give 110% to their position.

They give wholehearted focus, energy and effort because they know they are under even more scrutiny. They want to do the best and be the best.

I believe most Senior/Lead pastors desire and work toward the very same outcomes, yet very few of us see ourselves as “acting.” Many might even begin to believe we are permanent. We carry out our God-given calling with this erroneous perspective.


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What to Do When You Find Yourself Doing Everything

Have you ever felt like you were working as hard as you possibly could and still at the end of the day were left with a pile of work that didn’t get done?

Ever feel like everyone was coming to you for you to weigh in on every decision that needed to be made? Ever feel like what you thought was just going to be a busy season has turned into a normal way of work?


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How Straw-House Thinking Sabotages Your Leadership

Once upon a time…

In a far off land there lived a leader who supervised three little pigs. The leader was committed to excellence in his life and in his organization. He knew there was a direct correlation between the quality of the houses his pigs built and the success they had in protecting themselves from the big, bad wolves.


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This Church’s Pastoral Succession Story Will Encourage You to Start Planning Now

About five years before the announcement, Lead Pastor Bill Schroeder at The Chapel in Sandusky, OH started preparing to pass the baton of leadership. He engaged conversations with trusted business leaders and pastors, read the best-selling books, and started planning with the church’s senior leadership team.


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Rural Multisite Church: The Challenges & Advantages of Being One Church in Multiple Locations

Prairie Lakes Church in Iowa is unique. Across the state, they have six campuses, a mix of suburban and rural congregations they’ve launched as a part of a strategy to put a Prairie Lakes campus within 30 minutes of every Iowan. For them, embarking on a multisite strategy has been the right answer for reaching more people while staying true to the local culture. A 3,000-seat auditorium? That just didn’t feel like the natural fit to address their expansion needs.


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Making Leadership Transferable: An Interview with New Unstuck Consultant Gavin Adams

We’d like to introduce you to Gavin Adams, one of our newest ministry consultants here at The Unstuck Group. Gavin is the Lead Pastor of Woodstock City Church, a campus location of North Point Ministries. Under his leadership, the church has grown from 400 to over 8,500 attendees in eight years.

I caught up with Gavin to hear his story and discover some of the principles he’s learned about making leadership transferable.


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