Coronavirus: Some Early Examples of Church Communications

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The threat of the coronavirus has taken us all by storm. The concern is real, and while we are not experts on the subject, we feel the importance of equipping you with what we’ve seen churches do well. 


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Reversing the Early Signs of Decline

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Similar to the other phases on the right side of the life cycle of a church, the Maintenance Phase is hard to confirm and even more difficult to accept.

In fact, our most recent data shows 60% of churches who took the team version of the Unstuck Church Assessment (which eliminates personal bias) landed in Maintenance Phase, compared to just 20% of churches when the pastor took the individual assessment (which calculates the result based on his or her opinion-based responses).

That means as many as 40% of churches are in Maintenance Phase without realizing it. That should concern us.


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