Good News – How Refuge Church in Stevens Point, Wisconsin Is Responding to the Crisis

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“This is an example of what God’s people will do to step up to the plate to help in times of need.”

We’ve been reaching out to the churches we’ve served in recent years to get updates on how they are doing during the coronavirus crisis. We got this email response from Refuge Church in Stevens Point, WI, and they gave us permission to share it with you. 

Let this story encourage you to not give up while doing good!


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Church Merger Deal Breakers

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10 Areas of Ministry to Get on the Same Page Before You Merge

Church mergers are becoming more commonplace, and for a lot of reasons it’s a movement that I believe we’ll see more of in the future. In fact Sun Valley Community Church, the church I have the pleasure of serving at, has experienced beginning two new campuses through mergers in the last couple of years.

There are a lot of things that can go right…and wrong…in a church merger. But if your church is considering a merger in the future make sure the Senior Leadership Teams from both churches consider and discuss the following 10 potential deal breakers, and get on the same page before bringing the idea to your individual churches.


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Live-Teaching in Multisite: How Community Christian Makes It Work

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We are always excited when someone contacts us about engaging in multisite consulting. Typically, this is an indicator that a church is experiencing growth, and needing additional space and resources to provide for the demand. More people get to hear about the Kingdom of God, and we love nothing more than that.


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