Core Issues For Churches: Communication


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The Unstuck Group recently conducted a small research project to identify the top 5 most common “core issues” of churches that go through our StratOp process. One of these common reoccurring issues is Communication. As we work with churches, it is quickly becoming more and more evident that it is rare to see a professional, relevant communications strategy. This brings clarity internally as to what people should do and what a church is all about. To a new person, a clear communications strategy defines a church’s mission and vision.

This week, Paul Alexander and I connected to talk about this core issue that many churches are facing, here are some of the interview highlights:

  • Many times, the real reason communication is a challenge is because the church has not clarified their mission, vision and strategy.
  • In multisite, campus priorities and church-wide priorities must clearly be determined.
  • Culture is formed by the language we choose to use. Words build worlds.
  • Churches need to know the primary person they are trying to reach and communicate in a way that can reach them.
  • When churches don’t have clarity around general ministry strategy, there will be constant tension with internal communication.
  • If churches don’t figure out how to help people take next steps toward Christ they will never experience wins in external or internal communications.
  • Communication has to be more concerned about helping people live like Jesus than getting them to events.

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