In Episode 97 of The Unstuck Church Podcast, Jeff Brodie shares how the whole culture of Connexus Church has become focused on tangibly, practically loving people outside the walls

Through this shift, they’ve seen the fastest growth to-date in their church.

In this episode:

  • Why Jeff believes jumping straight to strategies for creating more invite opportunities would’ve short-circuited what God wanted to do in the life of the church
  • The flaw in how many of our churches teach the language of “invest and invite”
  • Why invite culture starts with staff culture, and what Connexus considers indicators that the staff is leading the right way
  • The significant change that challenges the assumption guests want to be “anonymous”
  • How streaming services and online engagement factor into physical attendance

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“We’ve had a couple of years in a row now where we’ve seen the number of new guests grow by 70%, and that’s because we realized we had identified the correct problem.” 

Jeff shares a few more specific results Connexus Church has seen after walking through the Unstuck Process.