Finding Church Health Again


It's not about going back. It's about finding health again.

Most churches are still focused on getting people to return back to their services. And it's easy to understand why. But are you feeling the call to put your focus forward again?

The truth is, most organizations start, grow, thrive, lose momentum, decline… and eventually end. Even before the pandemic, 80% of churches were in maintenance mode, and our new reality has fast-tracked the decline of unhealthy churches at a pace faster than ever before.

Although the future still seems murky, and there are no "quick fixes" for health, that doesn't mean your next steps are unprecedented or unclear. Churches that were healthy and growing before and those that still are today have this in common:

They aren't just hoping for health. They're planning for it.

Here at The Unstuck Group, we've helped more than 500 churches who were facing decline make a plan to move towards sustained health. We had the opportunity to work with over 50 of those churches during the pandemic, and their feedback is clear: They're seeing results.

Replay: Finding Church Health Again


In this 1-hour webinar, Tony Morgan, Amy Anderson, and Sean Bublitz had a conversation around reframing your current challenges and refreshing how you think about your church's next steps. Specifically, they discussed:

How churches should think about assessing ministry health TODAY (what's the same and what's changed)

Practical tools you can use to get clarity before you make new plans

How to approach strategic planning for both quick wins and long-term success

How to reflect on your mission field with fresh eyes

How to evaluate your current core ministry approaches (and see what needs to change)

The most strategic way to evaluate your organizational structure and align it to your strategy

It's not about recapturing something from the past: It's about charting a course forward.

When something is unhealthy in your body, you go see a doctor, run some tests, and then make a plan for what you'll change to be healthier in the future.