Leading an Unstuck Church Course

In a convenient online format, this course from Tony Morgan will help you learn principles and practices to lead through 12 core issues that create barriers to church health and growth


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Leading an Unstuck Church Course Online Ministry Course


Learn the biblical wisdom and practical next steps to take to address the 12 most common core issues getting churches stuck. Remove barriers to health and growth in your church.

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  • 12 online lessons + training videos
  • whiteboard diagrams
  • self-evaluation tools
  • staff meeting discussion guides
  • recommended action items
  • ministry strategy worksheets

  • private Facebook Group

  • PDF versions of lessons & exercises


A few years ago, we analyzed all of our strategic planning notes from work with hundreds of churches. We found 12 core issues appeared again and again—and they were the root reasons why these churches got stuck. This course was designed to equip you to win when you face those core issues. It will help you take your next steps as a leader, removing barriers to health and growth in your church. And, you get access to our consulting team to coach you and answer your questions as you take those steps.

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  • Find clarity around mission, vision, values and strategy

  • Grow by expanding the “front door”

  • Learn the best ways to close the “back door”

  • Discover practical ways to enhance the weekend services

  • Build a plan to develop more leaders

  • Learn to build teams & increase volunteer engagement

  • Develop a Senior Leadership Team that works

  • Learn how to staff for growth

  • Clarify the roles of board & staff

  • Improve your church’s communications

  • Learn how to establish healthier finances

  • Build tools to monitor health & growth


  • 12 practical online lessons by Tony Morgan to help you take your next steps

  • 12 training videos that unpack the big idea behind each lesson

  • Whiteboard reminders for you to keep the topics top-of-mind

  • Team discussion guides to use in staff meetings

  • Specific next step action items for you to put what you learn into practice

  • Done-for-you worksheets for you to process ministry strategy plans with your team

  • Self-evaluation tools to assess your leadership and help you clarify your personal next steps

  • Access to a private Facebook Group, where consultants from The Unstuck Group provide coaching and facilitate discussion

  • PDF version of the core content and exercises

  • Free access to The Unstuck Group’s Vital Signs tool (regularly $499)

  • Free coaching calls with a consultant from The Unstuck Group’s team at the mid- and end-points of the course

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“I am genuinely beyond grateful for this course. Grounded in over two decades of hard-won, ‘sleeves rolled up’ experience, this course cuts straight to the chase. Starting with the clear and compelling biblical context, each module puts into laser-sharp focus those areas worth focusing upon for maximum impact. Whether your church needs a slight course correction or a major ‘unstucking job,’ the materials, tools and resources offered throughout the course will enable you and your team to generate an immediate and palpable impact on your ministry.”

G.J. Mollenkramer, American Protestant Church of The Hague

“Unlike other courses and conferences I have gone through there are step by step practices to help us implement what we are learning. This course has opened the door to much needed conversations within our organization. These are conversations and lessons we will cycle through and review and analyze annually. I would highly recommend this to any pastor that wants to see their church grow and move forward. It has been worth every penny.”

Aaron Escamilla, New Community Church, Mesquite, Texas

“This class gave our leadership uniform language to use so we can be clear as we wrestle with tough questions like discerning direction for our church. Everything was presented in way that gave us focus. It allowed us to work through a process of providing clarity and direction with the follow through of a plan. We are by no means perfect but this class gave us the starting place and the steps to build needed momentum in our church.”

Shawn Hogue, Galloway United Methodist Church, Franklin, Pennsylvania

12 online lessons written by Tony Morgan incorporating core content in written and video format, exercises, discussion questions, self-evaluations and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tony designed this course to prepare leaders to grow healthy, thriving churches.You can benefit from the lessons even if you aren’t the leader pastor. Here are some thoughts about what you might get out of it depending on where you are today:

  • Lead Pastor: This course will speak directly to your heart, your needs and your next steps. It will grow your ability to lead an unstuck church—regardless of where your church is today.
  • Executive Pastor: You’ll gain practical wisdom from this course, but we’d recommend inviting your lead pastor to engage along with you. If the two of you are united and process these principles and next steps together, you will position yourself for even greater success.
  • Lay Leader: This content will help you understand what it takes for a pastor to lead an unstuck church. You will better understand how to support the lead pastor and live out your calling as a lay leader. We’d encourage you to involve the whole lay leadership team, as well as the lead pastor, and walk through this together for the best outcomes.
  • Called to Pastor: Are you on your way to becoming the lead pastor through a succession plan, or do you believe God is leading you to plant a church? This content will equip you to start off strong, as well as to anticipate the challenges that will come down the line. You may not be able to complete some of the exercises today, but you’ll be able to draw on them when the time is right.
  • Denominational / Church Network Leader: This course will equip the pastors under your care. Email help@theunstuckgroup.com for information on large group rates.

Yes, if you’d like to register multiple members of your staff team—or if you’re a denominational or church network leader and you’d like to enroll a group of pastors—we have discounts available for registering a group in the self-paced course group.

For details about large group rates for a denominational district or church network, please email us at help@theunstuckgroup.com.

Sure, you’ll get a PDF version of the core content you are welcome to share with other leaders at your church. (We do ask that you don’t share it with people outside your team.)

Participation in the online portal requires an individual login, so if you want to invite other members of your team to interact in the online community, you may want to consider purchasing additional seats through a group rate.

It is not! While some of the topics may seem familiar, the content and resources are original to this course. If you read the book and identified where your chu