Leading an Unstuck Church Course


Tony Morgan will help you learn principles and practices to lead through 12 core issues that create barriers to church health and growth.


Course Description

We analyzed all of our strategic planning notes from work with hundreds of churches. We found 12 core issues appeared again and again-and they were the root reasons why these churches got stuck.

Take this course to learn the biblical wisdom and practical steps to take to address 12 common issues getting churches stuck, and remove barriers to health and growth in your church.

Course Summary

12 modules + training videos
Whiteboard diagrams
Self-evaluation tools
Staff meeting discussion guides
Recommended action items
Ministry strategy worksheets
PDF versions of lessons & exercises

We've heard a lot of pastors say they feel stuck. We believe it doesn't have to be that way.

Based on years of church leadership, as well as consulting and coaching church leaders, Tony Morgan has laid out a clear path to equip you with the biblical wisdom and practical know-how to lead your church towards sustained health. We believe this course will help you lead an unstuck church.

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Here's what you'll gain from this course.

Find clarity around mission, vision, values and strategy
Grow by expanding your "front door" and learn how to close the "back door"
Discover practical ways to enhance the weekend services
Build a plan to develop leaders, build teams and increase volunteer engagement
Develop a senior leadership team that works
Learn how to staff for growth and clarify roles for board & staff
Improve your church's communications
Learn how to establish healthier finances
Build tools to monitor church health and growth

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