Unstuck Church Staff Course

Learn the skills and the systems to grow more confident as the leader of your ministry team, and enjoy leading the most unstuck church staff you've ever had.


Course Description

Many pastors tell us they feel frustrated by lack of follow-through, overspending, ministry silos that undermine the vision, time-wasting meetings, and a lack of leaders.

Our team created the Unstuck Church Staff Course to give leaders a training tool for developing skills and performance systems specifically for ministry environments.

Use this course to invest in yourself as the leader of your ministry team, and get your team pulling in the same direction to climb a new hill.

Course Summary

8 modules + training videos
Whiteboard diagrams
Self-evaluation tools
Staff meeting discussion guides
Recommended action items
Ministry strategy worksheets
PDF versions of lessons & exercises

We created The Unstuck Church Staff Course to give pastors a self-paced training tool for learning these skills.

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Get your church staff unstuck.

Ever wonder if you have the right people, and if they are in the right seats? Or if you're over-staffed or over-spending on personnel? Ever wonder if you have the right performance management system to lead a team that follows through? If so, you're not alone.


Align + Structure

Align staff activity to the goals of the church

Hire fewer people by equipping staff to give more ministry away


Clarify decision rights

Bring clarity in meeting structure, cadence, effectiveness

Determine + evaluate the team shifts you need to make


Create better conversations and clearer communication between staff and supervisors

Define culture-shaping behaviors, and use them in performance evaluation

Great teams focus on relationships and results

Your team is the most valuable asset you have for making progress toward your vision. Use this course to invest in yourself as the leader of your ministry team, and get your team pulling in the same direction to climb a new hill. Each module gives you tangible next steps that help you implement your learnings in your unique context… and that you can revisit again and again. We hope you'll join us!

Each department and each team member understands how their work aligns with the mission and vision of the church
Your meetings drives robust discussion, clear decision making, and unity within your organization
You're getting the best out of all your people
You're developing more leaders than ever before
Everyone has clarity about how decisions are made
Your team's distinct culture and behaviors are clear and lived out
Your performance management system WORKS, and supervisors and direct reports have strong relationships

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Course Content

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Aligning Your Team
Developing Your Team
Leading Your Team

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