Multisite Unstuck Course

11 modules to help you multiply your church’s impact to reach more people in more places.


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Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a theme emerge on the Internet:

“There are many ways to do multisite!”

It can feel like there’s a buffet of strategies out there that you can pick from and be successful. While it’s true that you can do multisite many different ways, each “way” has some increasingly predictable outcomes. The Internet voices don’t always tell us that.

A strategy that was supposed to help you engage more people, maximize resources and eliminate space constraints can instead knot things up in multiple areas of the ministry—leaving you feeling stuck and unsure of how to get back to momentum and health.

The good news is, there IS a way forward.

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Leaders see stuckness first—and they get things moving again.

In this course, you can expect to gain:

  • Tools for clarifying decision rights, choosing locations, and building volunteer strength for campus launches.

  • Clarity on the multisite mindset and gaps your church has in fully adopting it.

  • A plan to reduce the tension that tends to develop between central ministry and campus leaders.

  • A process to right-size staff and volunteer teams based on the size of your multisite campuses.

  • Tools for evaluating the campus pastor role and setting Campus Pastors up for success.

  • Best practices for multisite models and for structuring your team.

  • Strategies for improving internal and external communication… and more. 

We’ve created this path for you—

  • Enroll in the Multisite Unstuck Course.

  • Take the lessons and next steps at your own pace.

  • Apply the best practices we’ve learned to find greater multisite effectiveness in your unique context.

And here’s why—

  • It works with your busy schedule.

  • This will give you more tangible next steps than reading a book or attending a workshop.

  • You’ll be able to apply the teaching and best practices in your unique context. (We’ve seen it all.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’ve made one of the most valuable modules available FOR FREE so you can test out the content and the experience.

Check out Module 7, on Clarifying Decision Rights.

While this course is designed for churches who are already multisite, we still encourage those considering multisite to check it out. It can help you avoid many mistakes you would look back on with frustration. It will help you lead your team through the right conversations and prepare for the challenges multisite brings. It will help you launch strong.

Our online courses are in-depth and action-oriented. Each module includes written teaching, video teaching, and specific next steps for you to take. Some will include books to read or research to gather. All include exercises and conversations to take to your leadership team meetings.

You can expect to complete the teaching portions of a module in under 30 minutes. For the exercises and conversations, we’ve included estimated times to help you prepare accordingly.

More generally, in our other online courses, we’ve found most leaders were spending about one month per module. This one is new, so we will be watching to see what the rhythm is like for this course.

Find what works for you. You may find you move faster through some lessons and slower on others, depending on the topic. Truthfully, that’s the beauty of this course. It works with your busy schedule, while giving tangible next steps that help you implement your learnings in your unique context.

Sure. In fact, we’ve designed this course with the intent that you would. You’ll find instructions and sample pieces designed to share with your leaders in each module. (We do ask that you don’t share it with people outside your team.)

Participation in the online portal requires an individual login, so if you want to invite other members of your team to interact in the online community, you may want to consider purchasing additional seats.

Without a clear strategy, going multisite can get you multistuck.

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Instead of “un-multisiting,” let’s get things moving again. With 100+ years of multisite experience on our team, Tony Morgan has laid out a clear path to help you lead your multisite church towards sustained health. (Have we left any of your questions unanswered? If so, shoot us an email.)