Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a theme emerge on the Internet:

“There are many ways to do multisite!”

It can feel like there’s a buffet of strategies out there that you can pick from and be successful. While it’s true that you can do multisite many different ways, each “way” has some increasingly predictable outcomes. The Internet voices don’t always tell us that.

The good news is, there IS a way forward.

In this course, you can expect to gain:

  • Tools for clarifying decision rightschoosing locations, and building volunteer strength for campus launches.
  • Clarity on the multisite mindset and gaps your church has in fully adopting it.
  • A plan to reduce the tension that tends to develop between central ministry and campus leaders.
  • A process to right-size staff and volunteer teams based on the size of your multisite campuses.
  • Tools for evaluating the campus pastor role and setting Campus Pastors up for success.
  • Best practices for multisite models and for structuring your team.
  • Strategies for improving internal and external communication… and more.

Instead of “un-multisiting,” let’s get things moving again. With 100+ years of multisite experience on our team, Tony Morgan has laid out a clear path to help you lead your multisite church towards sustained health.