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  • by Jim Tomberlin

    There is nothing more exciting than to be a part of a growing, healthy church.

    While going MultiSite can certainly be a practical, pragmatic decision, it is also one that allows us to expand our reach and multiply our ministry impact in one of the most reasonable and cost-effective ways available to church leaders today. There will be surprises along the way, but the good news is that many have already been there and are finding their MultiSite strategy to be a critical element to their kingdom expansion strategy.
  • by Jim Tomberlin

    Thousands of Protestant churches are perplexed by plateaued or declining attendance, while other congregations nearby thrive.

    Is there a way for them to combine forces, drawing on both their strengths, in ways that also increase their missional impact?

    Church merger consultant Jim Tomberlin, with co-writer Warren Bird, makes the case that mergers today work best not with two struggling churches but with a vital, momentum-filled lead church partnering with a joining church. In this new book, they provide a complete, practical, hands-on guide for church leaders of both struggling and vibrant churches so that they can understand the issues, develop strategies, and execute a variety of forms of merger for church expansion and renewal to reinvigorate declining churches and give them a "second life."
  • Growing churches today are utilizing multisite and church planting strategies to reproduce themselves for greater outreach and impact.

    But where? That is the purpose of this book. This book is not intended to address the why of these missional approaches or even the how. This book is a tool and guide to the where. Where should we meet? What kind of facilities are usable for churches? What are the implications of the various options? Tomberlin and Cool reveal the keys to using location as a way to reproduce and increase impact. Locality is all about the convergence of location and facility. The where of a church matters. This book explains the new rules for multisite churches and church plants. Additional contributors to this book include Ed Stetzer, Brad Leeper, and Rich Birch.
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    Complete Resource Bundle

    $99.00 $69.00

    Tools and training to help you take your next steps in leadership.

    Our Complete Resource Bundle includes Tony Morgan’s 9 eBooks, The Unstuck Group’s 7 sample job descriptions, as well as all of our research reports, white papers, tip sheets and discussion guides. The big reason to buy this bundle? We add new resources to it each quarter. That means, with a one-time purchase, you get access to everything included now, plus Tony’s next eBooks and practical resources as we add them every few months. Resources include...
    • Sample Job Descriptions for the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Campus Pastor, Connections Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Creative Arts Pastor, Communications Director and Director of Family Ministries.
    • eBooks by Tony Morgan, including Funding Your Strategic PlanReaching and Leading MillennialsVital Signs: Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It7 Warning Signs Your Church Has Ministry SilosTake the Lid Off ChurchDeveloping a Theology of PlanningDeveloping a Theology of LeadershipBig Churches Getting Bigger and Stuck in a Funk
    • Research Reports, including Next Level Teams: How Fast-Growing Churches Are Mobilizing Their Staff and One Team. Multiple Locations. How Staff Teams at Effective Multisite Churches Overcome Distance and Lead Together.
    • White Papers, Worksheets and Conversation Guides, including Building Healthy Campus Launch TeamsWhy Churches Get StuckFront Door vs. Back Door Challenges, How to Have Action-Oriented Meetings, The Unstuck Group's Multisite Tip Sheet, The Leader Vitality Wheel and The Holiday Planning Guide.


  • Without clarity, campuses will begin to drift—not in an intentional, malicious way, but because decisions need to be made.

    It’s important to determine early how identical or independent your multisite locations will be. And next, determine how decisions will be made. Both of these need to be clear to keep the desired alignment in place. This module will help you clarify central vs. campus calls and decision rights. With that clarity, it will also help you determine what types of campus leaders you need to execute your strategy.
  • by Lance Witt

    No matter how big an organization, we all do ministry with a team, whether paid or volunteer. Anyone who has been part of a great team knows it's something special.

    When there is good chemistry, everyone is operating from their sweet spot, the objectives are clear, and kingdom progress is being made, it is incredibly fulfilling and fun

    On the flip side, we're painfully aware what happens when there is dysfunction in the team--stress, tension, politics, and posturing. It's not much fun for anyone, and we end up squandering our divine assignment. Lance Witt, founder of Replenish ministries and a former executive and teaching pastor at Saddleback Church, knows what it takes to keep teams functioning at the highest level of impact. He shows leaders how to build next-level teams that are spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy and productive and high-performing. Short, to-the-point chapters make the book easy to digest and the perfect resource for your team to read through together.
  • How equipped do you feel to lead an unstuck church?

    We’re finding a lot of pastors face challenges they feel unprepared to address when leading a ministry. This highly practical, self-paced course was designed to help you win. It will help you take your next steps as a leader and remove the barriers to health and growth in your church. And, you get access to Tony Morgan and our consulting team to coach you and answer your questions as you take those steps.
  • Change can be time consuming, frustrating and even costly. It is much easier to avoid change as long as possible. Leaders need to be adept at leading change if they want to help their churches get unstuck and have a healthier impact in people’s lives. We can’t wait for people to want the change before we make it, because that day will never come. We also can’t make changes and assume everyone will love it, because that day will never come either. Instead, we need to be prepared to lead when change is necessary.

    Are you well-equipped to lead necessary changes at your church?

    This short 30 minute course will serve as a good primer or refresher, regardless of where you are in your leadership journey.
  • Leading a small group can literally change the world.

    We have been commissioned to make disciples who make disciples, and Jesus showed us that the best way to carry that out is through small groups of believers. Just like the first-century church, small groups form the foundation to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Chris Surratt, Discipleship and Small Groups Specialist for LifeWay Christian Resources, and author of Small Groups for the Rest of Us, wants to help you get from here to there.
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    Multisite Toolkit

    $199.00 $139.00

    We believe a healthy multisite strategy can help you lead more people in your region to Christ.

    Through our Multisite Consulting process, we guide churches through the journey of clarifying the organization-wide ministry strategy, and how it can be replicated effectively across campuses. Until now, only our clients got access to this digital toolkit. Needless to say—it packs a punch, which makes this a great value. This toolkit includes resources to help you:
    1. Determine which multisite model is best for you and your church

    2. Clarify decision rights for your campus

    3. Build a customized launch plan

    4. Execute on a 12 month timeline to your next campus launch

    5. Determine the best location and venue for your next campus 

    We also include some sample job descriptions, done-for-you spreadsheets to help you plan financially... and more! Whether you're leading a multisite church today, or considering this strategy for your future, we are sure you'll find these resources invaluable.
  • Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a theme emerge on the Internet:

    “There are many ways to do multisite!”

    It can feel like there’s a buffet of strategies out there that you can pick from and be successful. While it’s true that you can do multisite many different ways, each “way” has some increasingly predictable outcomes. The Internet voices don’t always tell us that.

    The good news is, there IS a way forward.

    In this course, you can expect to gain:
    • Tools for clarifying decision rightschoosing locations, and building volunteer strength for campus launches.
    • Clarity on the multisite mindset and gaps your church has in fully adopting it.
    • A plan to reduce the tension that tends to develop between central ministry and campus leaders.
    • A process to right-size staff and volunteer teams based on the size of your multisite campuses.
    • Tools for evaluating the campus pastor role and setting Campus Pastors up for success.
    • Best practices for multisite models and for structuring your team.
    • Strategies for improving internal and external communication… and more.
    Instead of “un-multisiting,” let’s get things moving again. With 100+ years of multisite experience on our team, Tony Morgan has laid out a clear path to help you lead your multisite church towards sustained health.
  • by Lance Witt

    Every leader functions on two stages--the front stage or public world, and the back stage or private world. One cannot lead successfully front stage when one is completely depleted back stage.

    In a time when pastors are leaving the ministry in record numbers due to cynicism, disillusionment, weariness, and personal scandals, there is an urgent need for soul care in the private lives of leaders. Replenish helps leaders focus on the back stage, the interior life, in order to remain spiritually healthy. In a caring, encouraging tone, it will show pastors how to:
    • Prioritize matters of the soul
    • Develop healthy spiritual practices
    • Address problems that lead to burnout
    • Create a healthy rhythm in their lives
    • Improve their people skills and the spiritual climate of their team
    • Develop better systems in their churches
    • Discover how to lead an unhurried life
    For the many ministry leaders who feel alone, in over their heads, or simply worn out, this book will offer welcome relief and a healthy way forward.
  • Most churches in America struggle to have a significant percentage of their adult attendance in small groups.

    According to recent research done by Lifeway Research, only “33 percent of churchgoers attend classes or groups for adults (such as Sunday school, Bible study, small groups, or Adult Bible Fellowships) four or more times in a typical month. Fourteen percent attend two or three times a month.” Life transformation happens best within the context of community, so if a church is going to be intentional about discipleship they have to develop on-ramps to small groups that reach people on the fringes and beyond. If we continue to offer small groups to the normal church attenders, a majority of the people who show up to church are never reached. Pastors, church staff and small group leaders are trying to figure out how to make small groups work in their church and they don’t know how. Small Groups For The Rest Of Us gives them practical, proven strategies on moving people from the fringes into biblically based communities.
  • Starter Resource Bundle


    Access free resources from Tony Morgan and team.

    This bundle is a roundup of some of our most popular research white papers, practical tip sheets, exercises and discussion guides.

    Resources include...
    • Next Level Teams: How Fast-Growing Churches Are Mobilizing Their Staff
    • One Team. Multiple Locations. How Staff Teams at Effective Multisite Churches Overcome Distance and Lead Together
    • Building Healthy Campus Launch Teams
    • Why Small, Mid-Size, Large and Very Large Churches Get Stuck
    • Front Door vs. Back Door Challenges
    • How to Have Action-Oriented Meetings
    • Multisite Tip Sheet
    • Leader Vitality Wheel
    • Holiday Planning Guide


  • Can church health be measured? We've learned a few ways.

    From our unique vantage point serving hundreds of U.S. churches each year, we notice benchmarks & trends in church health. We want to equip you with what we see: Each quarter, The Unstuck Church Report will share 20 updated metrics in five areas of church health:
    • Ministry Reach
    • Staffing and Leadership
    • Connection
    • Finances
    • Ministry Health
  • Think about your church for a moment. Is it growing? Is it diminishing? Is it somewhere in between?

    In The Unstuck Church, Tony Morgan has identified the seven stages of a church's lifecycle that range from the hopeful and optimistic days of launch, to the stagnating last stages of life support. Regardless of the stage in which you find your church, it carries with it the world's greatest mission—to "go and make disciples of all the nations . . ." With eternity at stake the Church should be doing most everything within its power to see lives changed forever. The Church should strive for the pinnacle of the lifecycle, where they are continually making new disciples and experiencing what Morgan refers to as "sustained health." Morgan unpacks each phase of the church lifecycle, and offers specific and strategic next steps the church leader can take to find it's way to sustained health . . . and finally become unstuck. The Unstuck Church is a call for honest an assessment of where your church sits on the lifecycle, and a challenge to move beyond it.
  • Over time, most organizations start, grow, thrive, decline, and eventually end. But that’s not God’s plan for the Church.

    Regardless of uniqueness, every church has the potential to go through a very similar life cycle. Take the Unstuck Church Assessment and receive a free comprehensive report to better understand where your church sits today and get clear next steps towards sustained health.
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    Building a thriving and high-performing team is no small talk.

    We usually see that teams have a bent towards one or the other—but we think you can have both. The first step?

    Get a better understanding of your current reality. 

    It can be easy in ministry to get so busy doing church that we rarely stop of evaluate how we are doing team. This online tool (recommended for teams of 20+ individuals) helps you engage your team in a honest assessment of six critical areas for a high-impact team:
    1. Personal Health
    2. Team Health
    3. Personal Performance
    4. Team Performance
    5. Systems
    6. Culture
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    Vital Signs Assessment

    $499.00 $349.00

    The work of ministry can turn into a whirlwind of activity, and attempts to gauge how well you are doing can feel like trying to check the oil of a speeding car.

    With the Vital Signs Assessment, you get an unbiased snapshot of your church’s health today. It’s packed with benchmarks from the analysis of 400+ churches nationwide that will give you a healthier scorecard for ministry.

    This report will show you exactly how you’re doing in each ministry area and equip you to have conversations that get your leaders on the same page about your church’s health. Our clients get this resource for free, helping to give perspective to where their church sits. But now, we're offering you access to this powerful tool. After you put key data about your church's health, you'll download a free PDF report to help you better understand your church's health.