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We love helping a church position its staff team to best fit both the ministry and the individuals involved.

Our Staffing & Structure Review does just that. From org charts, to job descriptions, to governance and leadership development, this process will help your church staff to its vision. Here’s what it looks like:

You’ll complete a few initial online surveys to get help us get to know your church. The responses eventually help us design a structure around your vision and strategy.
We learn about the church’s vision and discipleship strategy to form the foundation for the revised staffing structure.
We have each key staff leader complete an online profile using a proven, spiritually-minded tool to learn about their unique gifts, personalities and passions.
We’ll facilitate group conversations with the staff leaders to talk through what’s working and what needs to be tweaked to fulfill the church’s vision. This is a great opportunity to watch the team interact with each other. We’ll also walk through the results of the personality assessments with the entire group.
If timing permits, we always appreciate the opportunity to sit in on a senior leadership team meeting. Again, this allows us to watch the leaders interact with each other and get a sense of the health of the team.
We’ll provide an executive summary outlining a recommended structure and realignment of current staff, as well as identifying gaps for future hiring. This includes our recommendations for how to prioritize future staff additions.
We’ll wrap up the process by facilitating a follow up call or video chat to review the recommendations and discuss implementation.

There’s nothing like watching the body of Christ come together.
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