The Unstuck Church

With Tony Morgan


Without interruption, every church has the potential to go through a very similar life cycle.


Is your church growing? Diminishing? Is it somewhere in between?


In his book, The Unstuck Church: Equipping Churches to Experience Sustained Health, Tony Morgan identified the seven stages of a church's lifecycle that range from the hopeful and optimistic days of launch, to the stagnating last stages of life support.

Focus of this talk

This illuminating content is available as a keynote address or a 3-hour interactive workshop with breakout discussions after each teaching.


Where are we in our church's life cycle? Get a crash course on the 7 phases of the typical church lifecycle.


Are we really stuck? Learn to monitor health through vital signs, recognize the difference between pruning and decline, and identify sacred cows.


How will we get unstuck? Learn the phases where churches most typically get stuck, and the next steps to take to move towards sustained health from either phase.


Are we going to take our next steps? Be challenged and inspired to clarify the next step God has for your church, and step into it.

In this talk, Tony unpacks the lifecycle of a typical church, identifies characteristics of each phase, and provides practical next steps a church can take to move towards sustained health.


Included with this session is free access to The Unstuck Group's online tool, the Unstuck Church Assessment, to help church leaders in their assessment of where their churches currently sit in the typical lifecycle.