Private Facebook Community

We designed this subscribers-only Facebook group with you in mind, to facilitate peer-support and access to the Unstuck team as you navigate ministry leadership.

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Connect with the Unstuck Team

Our consultants have a lot of experience helping churches like yours. And we'd love to help you navigate what you're facing next.

Engage through questions and encouragement

Simple questions spark really great conversation and ideas.

Invite your team to join the conversation

Feel free to invite as many members from your team as you'd like.

We hear from a lot of pastors and church leaders that they want to connect with other church leaders who are journeying through similar situations.

It's a place to connect with like-minded people, share best practices, ask questions, and get the encouragement and support you need to navigate a challenging ministry landscape.

In one sense, you're in a position to learn. You're navigating new, challenging situations, needing support, fresh ideas and wise council.

In another sense, you're in a position to give. You're able to share the wisdom you learned from mistakes and the best practices you've found from your successes. You have the expertise and experience to share with church leaders who are standing where you once stood.

Use this Facebook group to both learn & give.

Our exclusive Facebook group is a perk of joining the Unstuck Learning Hub as well as being a consulting client with The Unstuck Group.

You can join the Learning Hub for just $49-monthly!