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We would love to be a guide, resource, and be an ally for you in this season. 

Every great leader needs a coach. An ally in their corner. Someone in the trenches with them, guiding them and walking with them through the good, the bad, and the uncertain.

Leading a church is no different. Our team has been listening to what pastors and church leaders like you are saying and we’ve heard things like:

“I just need someone to help me navigate this season as a leader in the church.”

“Am I the right person to lead our church into the future?

“I’ve been praying about having someone help me lead my team well in this season.”  

We hear you. And our team has been hard at work creating an incredible new way to engage with the Unstuck Team through Unstuck Leadership Coaching

Our vision is to create a meaningful relationship with you that equips you with the tools, resources, and strategies you need to grow your leadership and the impact of your team and church. 

We’ve designed the leadership coaching with a couple of different options, depending on the level of customization and personalization you’re looking for. And there’s something for every budget.

Complete Coaching is our most personalized approach that gives you monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, unlimited access to your coach via email in between coaching sessions, and quarterly strategic coaching sessions with your leadership team to make sure everyone is aligned on the vision and executing. You also get unlimited seats for your team to our quarterly Masterclass events. 

Cohort Coaching offers you access to monthly coaching sessions with a small group of pastors and church leaders to walk through challenges, ask questions, share best practices, and create community and accountability. 

Unstuck Toolkit Access gives you access to all our online resources, tools, and video courses for you and your team. 

If you are tired of feeling like you’re just treading water and navigating so much change alone, you’ve come to the right place. We would love to be a guide, resource, and ally for you in this season. 

What makes Unstuck Leadership Coaching unique? 

Our Coaches Have Been in Your Shoes 

Our coaches are current or former church leaders who have experience creating success in ministry. They understand what it takes to lead a congregation through change and they receive extensive training in our processes and the Unstuck Way

They’re not going to come in with a bunch of great ideas you can’t actually execute. They are going to walk with you every step of the way, help you focus your vision and strategy, and equip you with the practical tools to accomplish your vision and align your team.

Our team is passionate about helping YOU and your church lead more people into a relationship with Jesus. They value the uniqueness in each church and are ready to come alongside you and help you grow as a leader and increase the impact of your church.  

You Start When You Want & Cancel When You Want 

There’s no long-term commitment. We wanted to create an option that gives you the flexibility you need. Feel free to sign-up, start using the tools, and get connected with your coach to try out the experience and start building that relationship. We’re confident you’ll find value you won’t want to give up. 

Your Coach Will Cover Topics Like:  

Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll dive into in the Cohort Coaching (for the Complete Coaching option, your coach will walk with you through the specific opportunities and challenges of your unique church)…

The Strategic Alignment Pyramid

We help you clarify your foundation, direction, and action plans so everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Growth Engines

Your Unstuck Coach will walk with you through the process of determining what those main strategies should be and will help you identify a champion for each.

Pace, Rhythm, and Sabbath

One of the most often neglected leadership areas is the soul-health of the leader. You’ll dive deep into what the best rhythms of rest are for you as a leader and how to build your leadership strategies with your spiritual health in mind.  

The Engagement Path

Your Unstuck Coach will walk through your primary outreach and discipleship strategies and help you clarify what steps you want people to take and where to focus your team’s efforts.

Staff Structure

Organizations do what they are organized to do. If your church and team aren’t structured well, you won’t be able to execute on the vision God’s given you. Your Unstuck Coach will guide you in creating an effective team and organization. 

Health and High-Performing Teams

Many churches have teams that are underperforming but relationally thriving, or high-performing but burning out and relationally dysfunctional. Your Unstuck Coach will help you evaluate if you have the right people in the right roles on your team and give you vision and strategies for building a team that is both healthy and high-performing.

But most importantly, what makes Unstuck Leadership Coaching unique is the 11-year track record of success in serving close to 500 churches across the country. 

The Unstuck Group has the perspective, practical tools, and strategies proven in the field of ministry. We know that the strategies and structures we recommend actually work in the real world of church health and growth.

And we know that God has great plans for you as a leader in your church. We can help you maximize your leadership and grow your church. Learn more about leadership coaching and get started today.

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