The Unstuck Team has been growing! Today, we introduce you to Ron Baum, a new ministry consultant on our team. Ron currently serves on staff at Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar, CA. He has 28 years of experience in ministry, and we’re excited about the insights and passion he brings to the table. Read on to get to know Ron.

TIFFANY: Tell me about your background and experience that led you to become a part of The Unstuck Group team?

Headshot_Ron BaumRON: Being in ministry for 28 years, I have seen and taken part in a number of leadership teams. Throughout the years, I have resonated with the visionaries and walked alongside the implementers. My passion is to see goals, objectives, projects and new ideas formulated and executed.

Celebrating the successes and learning from the failures are always fulfilling. After connecting with the Unstuck Group personally and with our current team, I found a personal interest in being part of a group that utilizes systems, structures and experience to assist others in pushing through to the next level. Aligning with a group that partners with churches of all sizes and backgrounds fulfills a greater kingdom purpose.

TIFFANY: How/when did you discover you had a passion for helping churches get unstuck?

RON: As a leadership team at Cornerstone, we had just gone through the StratOp process with Tony and began rigorously implementing the initiatives necessary to get us unstuck. I saw firsthand how this process can unite teams, build focus and get a church moving forward. That was something I wanted to be a part of on a broader scale.

TIFFANY: How have you personally seen the StratOp process make a difference in your church? In your team?

RON: I had the benefit of being right in the vortex of the process. The time invested in the process made us think, converse, plan, gain clarity and obtain some significant breakthroughs. We had a year of intense implementation of specific initiatives, re-structure and continual refreshing of what we learned and implemented. We now have a system to keep us on track. We speak the same language and the team is moving the same direction.

TIFFANY: What advice would you give to seasoned pastors who find themselves feeling stuck after years of success in ministry?

RON: Be honest! Being stuck is not a bad thing. No matter the size of the organization, getting stuck at some point is inevitable. It may be a specific ministry, overall direction, staffing structure, the vision. Whatever it may be, a good strategic planning process may help you move forward. If you, the leader know it, help your staff see it. If you don’t think you are stuck, possibly your staff has insight that needs to come to light. Either way, a small investment now can pay huge dividends later for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

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