Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive here.

We believe planning for the future is good stewardship of the mission God has given us as the Church.

Our Unstuck Process will engage and align your leadership team around the same vision, strategies and clear next steps. Our goal is not to tell you what to do or who to be, but to help you identify the obstacles and opportunities you have as a church body, and develop a strategic plan to accomplish your vision.

The ultimate goal? That you see unprecedented life change at your church.

After completing this process, you should have laser focus as a team, forward momentum, and reach new levels of stewardship with your people and dollar resources. Your staff team will be re-energized by the common mission and clear understanding of their roles.

When all of this works together, we believe you will see more people take their next steps with Jesus than ever before.

Over about 12 months, The Unstuck Group will work with your staff and lay leadership teams to paint a clear picture of your ministry’s health, clarify your vision and priorities, create specific action steps to move you toward your vision, and coach you as you put it all into practice.

The process includes multiple engagements with our consultants to facilitate group exercises and individual meetings with key leaders, as well as coaching sessions throughout the engagement.

In phase one, you will gain perspective as we help you assess your ministry’s health. Phase two is the planning phase, where you clarify your mission, vision and core strategies. In phase three, we help you align your structure to your vision. Phase four is the action phase, and we coach you as you begin leading change.

We will not. A congregational survey can muddy the waters, as it allows even unbelievers and uncommitted Christians an equal voice in the planning process, which we believe should be biblically rooted in prayer, wisdom and a desire, above all else, to help more people learn to follow Jesus.

The Bible gives us a foundation for leadership. Throughout the Old and New Testament, leaders were selected based on character, wisdom and gifting to lead God’s people.

We encourage you to prayerfully select the right team to head up this planning process, and to communicate appropriately with your congregation throughout it. We even provide you with a communications guide to help you keep everyone in the loop in a helpful manner.

The majority of our consultants are current or former church leaders who have experienced success in ministry.

They understand what it takes to lead a congregation through seasons of change. They receive extensive training and coaching in our process. We typically involve a team of two to three different consultants at each church to match their strengths to fit specific components of the consulting process.

This team is passionate about helping the local church lead more people into a relationship with Jesus. You can read more about our team members and their experience on the Who We Are page.

Engaging The Unstuck Group allows you to bring on a whole team of experienced church leaders for less than the cost of hiring one additional part-time staff member.

We are committed to right-sizing our services for each church’s needs. Fill out the Get Started form to get specific details. We’d love to learn more about your church so we can provide details specific to your church’s size and situation.

We recognize most churches that engage with our team for the first time did not include strategic planning in their most recent budget.

Many of the churches we have served have found creative ways to cover the cost, from one-time individual gifts to grants from their denomination to delaying the hire of an additional part-time employee for a season. We can also make an introduction to one of several strategic partners who specifically help churches with funding their planning efforts.

If travel is required, all costs are included in the fee for engaging our team.

We have a bias for action.

We know that “stuck” is a hopeless feeling. Everything about our Unstuck Process is designed to help you move from where you are to where God wants you to be.

You get wisdom from a team.

In most cases, you will have direct interaction with 2-3 Unstuck consultants, and in all cases, you will have our whole team—strategic thinkers, metrics nerds, leadership enthusiasts, staffing extraordinaires—working behind the scenes to enhance your experience.

We don’t tell you who to be or what to do.

We help you clarify where God’s called you to go and how you are going to get there. Our “consultants” are really “facilitators.” They will lead you in the right conversations to help your team rally together around the vision and actions needed to get your church unstuck.

Our processes help you clarify vision and determine the right structure and staff roles for your church.

All of our consulting processes help you get the right people in the right roles. It’s not enough to just define your vision and strategies. Without the right people in place, everything stalls out. To our knowledge, we’re the only organization that connects strategy to staffing and structure.

Most of us are still on staff full-time at a local church.

We didn’t burn out on local church ministry and decide to get into consulting. We are in touch with what pastors are going through on a daily basis. Clients often comment that our team is full of “normal people.” We like to take that as a good thing.

We stay focused on what we do best.

Our consulting processes are our top priority. We do not exert energy in areas better served by others. If you need help with communications, resourcing, branding, or bookkeeping, for example, we have like-minded partners we will connect you with.

We are with you for the long-haul.

The Action Phase of our process is designed to coach you as you make progress. Strategic plans are fluid. They need to be revisited and updated on an ongoing basis. We build relationships with the churches we serve, and we will continue to be there for you as you lead change into the future. We think you’ll find us to be one of the cheapest yet most experienced and strategic members of your team.

Our online ministry courses provide training for pastors, as well as practical tools, provided in the context of community with other church leaders, to help you learn the skills you need to remove barriers to health and growth in your church.

Coaching for senior leaders is an included element in every one of our consulting processes.

Yes! Our consulting processes are fully available via virtual sessions, making use of group video conferencing technology, one-on-one coaching phone calls, and multiple other digital resources. 

The benefits include a lower financial investment (because there’s no travel time or expenses) and the most flexibility for your team when it comes to scheduling your consulting sessions.

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