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We can help your team get crystal-clear on the issues getting your churches stuck and then unify around the path forward.

  • Membership is soft: Belonging to our denomination has diminished in significance for people.
  • We have churches across the health spectrum, but we’re generally “flat” with no growth in attendance.
  • We’re finding it increasingly difficult to find new leaders/clergy to fill our churches in the years ahead.
  • We’re lacking the needed finances to sustain our existing ministry or vision for the future.
  • We know we need new methodologies to connect with the next generation, but we’re stuck and not sure how to promote healthy change.
  • Our church leaders continue to do what they’ve always done and have no plan or vision for a preferred future.

Most organizations start, grow, thrive, decline and end. We don’t believe that arc should be part of the Church’s story.


What if you could engage an experienced guide to help you reverse the trend? 

We can help your team get crystal-clear on the issues getting your churches stuck and then unify around the path forward. We’re helping denominations and church networks gain:

A Clarified Mission Field

We can help you clarify what your churches need to move into the future, their roles in their communities, and how to engage new people. 

Church and Leader Engagement

We can help you clarify how to best equip and support your local church leaders.

Financial Sustainability

We can help you build a more sustainable financial model.


Support for Leading Change

We can be your experienced ally as you move into uncharted territory.

A Strategy for Attracting New Leaders

We can help you develop strategies to recruit, develop, and resource new leaders.

  • Greater community engagement—particularly in reaching more people close to the church.
  • More new members, more baptisms, and more people engaged in ministry.
  • Pastors who know each other and support each other.
  • A growing number of new clergy and lay leaders.
  • Increased giving and stabilized finances, including diversified revenue showing deeper engagement in the community.

The Unstuck Team was there for us at key junctures even after the planning process.

"We asked Tony and The Unstuck Group to lead our entire diocese through a strategic planning process. It was an extraordinary process and for me as a leader, it was transformational."

Marianne Budde

Episcopal Diocese Bishop, Washington D.C.

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Six months after engaging our team, 9 out of 10 church leaders say they would recommend us—because they are seeing real results.

Meet Mark Meyer, our director of church revitalization.


Your churches need your leadership to model embracing change, letting go of old patterns, and imagining a new future and reality. We can help you to help them align vision, strategy, team and action for the new normal.

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