Staffing & Structure Review


People-problems are uniquely challenging on a ministry staff team. Leading your people through them is hard.

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We’ve heard it from so many pastors: The stakes are high.

You want to solve these problems in a way that honors God and the members of your team.

When you know something is off related to the team, it’s normal to lack confidence for solving that kind of challenge.

They didn’t teach you how to do that in seminary. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of a bad restructure at some point yourself.

And, the people you serve alongside in ministry feel like family

You don’t have to tackle this alone. We can guide you through a proven process:

Discovery & Assessment

Where are we now?

Structure & Alignment

What needs to change and how?


How do we roll this out with a phased approach?

  • You have a clear destination, with phased steps, so you can wisely lead through the changes with love and care in an appropriate time frame.
  • You're confident you have the right people in the right seats.
  • You know what roles to hire next as you continue to grow.
  • Your team culture is clear, healthy and uniquely yours.
  • You have strong, competent leaders in high priority roles.
  • You know how to effectively evaluate performance.
  • Every leader has a healthy span of care.

Through the Staffing & Structure Review, we help you build a new organizational staffing structure that’s aligned to your ministry strategy.


We understand the nuances of what makes leading a church staff team uniquely challenging. Over 25+ years, our consultants have worked in churches with teams that range in size from 5 to 150+, single site and multisite. We’ve helped 100s of churches build a staffing strategy and structure that works. Through our consulting experiences, we help teams solve complicated staffing challenges with wisdom and grace.

Assess Individual Strengths, Team Health and Performance

With a proven strengths and team assessments, you gain clarity about the gifts you have on your team, as well as overall health and performance. 

Clarify Decision Rights

Your team will understand the seven ways decisions can be made and clarify how your team will operate going forward.

Identify Team Strengths & Challenges

Find agreement on issues to prioritize for bringing greater health and alignment to your ministry.

Assess Staff Leadership Capacity & Potential

Your executive team will work through a series of exercises to assess your staff leaders on character, chemistry, competence and culture-shaping behaviors, as well as identify capacity to lead at higher levels and map out plans to help all your leaders take their next steps.

Plan the Restructure

You will gain a clear destination, with phased steps, so you can wisely lead through the structure changes with love and care in an appropriate time frame.

Implement the Plan

You will build communication plans and roll out changes with a seasoned ally in your corner. You will empower leaders, develop people, and improve your systems, meetings and communication.

You will build the confidence to make these critical decisions, and get your team all pulling in the same direction.

We walk with you every step of the way.

Having an experienced ally to lean on while you restructure your team helps you avoid:


Carrying the weight of sensitive, employment decisions all by yourself.


Retaining people who aren't a good fit for far longer than is healthy—and letting toxicity grow.


Letting people continue in key areas of responsibility when the ministry has outgrown their capacity.


Allowing ministry silos and misalignment to grow, undercutting the ministry God has called you to do.


Finding a culture has developed that you never intended.


Failing to develop leaders and always dealing with leadership scarcity into the future.


Nobody gives their life to ministry for the money.

It's more than a job, and your team is more than a staff.

We can help you take the pressure off. Solving church staffing challenges has high stakes, but you can lead through it with confidence and come out stronger on the other side.

Through our Staffing & Structure process, you can go from feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the people-problems to feeling confident in your ability to structure and lead your team for health and high performance.

Let's position your team to do ministry at its highest potential.