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From our unique perspective serving 100s of U.S. churches each year, we see benchmarks & trends in church health. Each quarter, we share a snapshot of the numbers we track on a macro level that we hope you will begin tracking in the life of your church.

The Q2 2022 Unstuck Church Report:

New Church Health Data & Trends

Where are churches healthy, or getting stuck, in this season?

Explore the data and key takeaways from the most recent assessment results in the categories of reach, connection, staffing and leadership, finances and overall health. In this quarter's report, we'll also share some best practice wisdom from churches who are growing and finding health in these key areas, as well as bonus data on staffing and inflation from Leadr and MortarStone.

the unstuck church report q2 2022 cover

Ministry Reach

In-person and online attendance, baptisms, kids and students, multisite, and more.

Ministry Connection

Memberships, small groups, volunteer engagement, and more.

Ministry Staffing & Leadership

Staffing levels, part-time vs. full-time staff, church boards and committees, and more.

Ministry Finances

Giving, staffing budgets, cash reserves, and average church debt.

Staffing Data from Leadr & Inflation Insights from MortarStone

Is the Great Resignation impacting church staff teams? How might the rise of inflation affect church giving? This quarter's report sponsors, Leadr and MortarStone, weigh in on these topics.

About the Data: For this quarter’s report, we limited the analysis to churches that completed the assessment between May 2021 and April 2022. With those requirements, 119 churches completed the full assessment for this report. The average in-person attendance of churches that participated was 498 people, and those same churches also had 565 views every week through their online services or messages. These churches ranged in size from under 100 to more than 4,500 people.

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