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From our unique perspective serving 100s of U.S. churches each year, we see benchmarks & trends in church health. Each quarter, we share a snapshot of the numbers we track on a macro level that we hope you will begin tracking in the life of your church.

Special Edition: Unstuck Church Report:

Church Team Performance & Health

From our unique perspective serving 100s of U.S. churches each year, we are able to see benchmarks & trends in church health.


This quarter, we're focusing on the health and performance of church teams across the world. And many church teams today are stuck!

That's why, for the first time ever, we're releasing a special edition Unstuck Church Report focusing on the trends and data from our Unstuck Teams Assessment. Brand New Data on the Performance & Health of Church Teams Across the World.

Your team is the most important asset for accomplishing your vision...

Subscribe today to get the SPECIAL edition of The Unstuck Church Report and receive an updated report on church benchmarks and trends each quarter. This Q3 2021 report includes data from over 1,000 team members and analysis from Tony Morgan.

Unstuck Teams Report [Q3 2021]

Team Performance

Do church team members have a strong work ethic? How do church teams collaborate?

Personal Health

Are team members regularly practicing a Sabbath? Do church team leaders demonstrate personal care for their team members?

Organizational Systems

Are church staff able to take regular vacation time? Do teams have an effective performance evaluation process?

Organizational Culture

Would teams describe their workplace as life-giving? Are church leaders demonstrating humility in their leadership?

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