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From our unique perspective serving 100s of U.S. churches each year, we see benchmarks & trends in church health. Each quarter, we share a snapshot of the numbers we track on a macro level that we hope you will begin tracking in the life of your church.

The Q4 2023 Unstuck Church Report:

New Multisite Church Trends & Benchmarks

Every quarter, The Unstuck Group compiles all the data we’ve collected to monitor trends in churches in the United States. For this quarter’s report, we are specifically focusing on trends in multisite churches—including staffing, leadership, multiplication, and more.

the unstuck church report q4 2023

General Characteristics

Data on in-person attendance, baptisms, denominational affiliation, and more.

Multisite Leadership

Data on volunteer engagement, leadership development, and span of care.

Multisite Staffing & Structure

Data on staffing levels, staffing budgets, central teams, and more.

Multiplication Strategy

Data on church planting, teaching methods, future expansion, and more.

Additional Insights from Christian Financial Resources

Special insights on budgeting for staffing and future growth, capital campaigns, and more from report sponsors, Christian Financial Resources.

About the Data: The report is a reflection of more than 100 multisite churches that The Unstuck Group has served through the years and more than 80 ministries that participated in a multisite survey conducted in October 2023.

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