Multisite Unstuck


We believe a healthy multisite strategy can help you lead more people in your region to Christ.

And we have a proven process for where you are in the multisite journey.


Multisite works best when healthy, growing churches expand into new locations to reach more people and have a greater Kingdom impact.


You replicate who you already are. Which means without a clear assessment of where you are today, and without a clear strategy in four key areas, going multisite can get your church multi-stuck.

Ministry Strategy

How do we disciple people?

Multisite Strategy

How do we lead one church in different communities?

Expansion Strategy

How do we optimally launch a new campus?

Execution Strategy

How do we put this plan into place?

The Unstuck Group helped reverse our plateau.

'We found ourselves at a place where we knew something wasn't quite right but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. We didn't want to wait until we got really stuck.'

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

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Our Multisite Approach

We offer two different multisite consulting processes, tailored for your church depending on where you are in your journey.

Both processes follow this overall flow:

Assess Ministry Health

Get perspective before you plan. Assess the church's level of health for multisite in 10 key areas.

Multisite Planning

Develop a clear action plan to launch or strengthen your multisite strategy.

Staffing & Structure

Position your ministry team to execute at its highest potential. Find yourself equipped with a clear staffing plan to support your vision for multisite.

Implementation Phase

Take the steps that will lead your church to experience sustained health as your ministry footprint grows.

Confirming the discipleship path you can replicate
Establishing a ministry model for each location
Determining the teaching model (video vs. live teachers)
Clarifying decision rights (campus vs. central)
Planning central support resources
Identifying & assessing future locations
Setting an optimal schedule for launching new campuses
Developing a candidate profile for the campus pastor role
Defining success for new campuses
Outlining initial staff and volunteer leadership teams
Building an action plan for next steps
Developing a launch plan for future campuses

Six months after engaging our team for church consulting, 9 out of 10 pastors recommend us to another church-because they are seeing real results.


"The talks around communication, decision making and staff structure were so defining and helpful that we now know they may have saved our second location a painful experience or possibly even not making it. It's going really well and our processes in these areas are actually working."

Shayne O'Brien

Rockpointe Church


"Our big question was how does multisite impact the staff and how we lead together, relate to each other, and make ministry decisions going forward. Our #1 win for the strategic planning process is that we were given the right tools, to make the right decisions, at the right times!"

Jim Johnson

Preston Trail Community Church


"Our lack of a clearly defined system of operating for our campuses was causing frustration at both the central and campus level. Now people don't just see a dream-they see a path to achieving those dreams with God's help."

Toby Slough

Cross Timbers Community Church

We're passionate about helping churches lead more people in more places to a relationship with Jesus.

We have experience serving multisite churches across the country: helping many clarify and structure a current multisite strategy, as well as launch for the first time or effectively navigate a church merger.

Our team has 100+ years of combined experience leading in effective multisite churches.