The Multisite Unstuck Process


You want to stay on the multisite path—
but something needs to change.


Leading a healthy multisite church is complex.

You started replicating with so much momentum. But honestly, going multisite broke some things. 

You’ve heard some well-known churches have been “un-multisiting.” Others are shutting down campuses that never became self-sustaining. 

Overall, you’re just unsure what move to make next. You feel a bit stuck.

If that's you, you're not alone.

We’ve built a clear, proven process for helping multisite churches clarify where they’re going and how they’re going to get there, so they can continue to expand with predictable success.

Health Assessment

Get a fresh perspective & a roadmap.

Multisite Planning

Develop a plan to strengthen your multisite strategy.

Staffing & Structure

Effectively structure your staff around your clarified multisite strategy.


Take the steps that will lead your church to experience sustained health as your ministry footprint grows.

  • What does that look like?

    It looks like multisite churches who find themselves with:

    Multiple visions.

    When the vision isn’t 100% clear at one location, new campuses develop their own.

  • Leaders at their lids.

    New locations shift existing staff from leading a ministry to developing ministry leaders, without having proven their capacity to do so.

    The wrong campus pastor.

    The wrong gifts/skills, lack of alignment or underpreparedness.

  • Staff tension.

    When roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines are unclear, new campuses only further complicate relationships.

    Strained systems.

    When systems are underdeveloped, the entire organization slows down.

  • Insufficient volunteers.

    Without a deep volunteer bench, a new campus will leave every team short of key players.

    Financial pressure.

    Startup costs along with the first few years of operations will always require a large investment.

We can help.

Our ministry consultants have been there.

We've navigated those crucial expansion points around 2-3 campuses (when everyone has dual roles), around 4-5 campuses (when you start feeling the efficiencies of multisite), and everything beyond. 

Our team has more than 100+ combined years of experience leading thriving multisite churches.

Through this process you will gain…

A shared, clear understanding of your church’s approach to multisite ministry going forward.
The organizational structure and systems to help you execute—now and for future expansion.
A process for successfully identifying your next locations, with an optimal schedule and plan.
A unified staff: truly one team in multiple locations.
Clear decision rights between campus and central.
Accountability and coaching for your senior leaders.

The Multisite Unstuck Process

Through our Multisite Unstuck process, your team is going to feel confident you know exactly what steps you need to take to right the ship, and get back to the mission of reaching more people in more places with the Gospel.

Health Assessment

Get a fresh perspective on where you have been, where you are now, and where your church may be stuck. 

Multisite Planning

The win for this phase is for your team to develop a clear action plan to strengthen your multisite strategy.

Staffing & Structure

The win is for you to effectively structure your staff around your clarified multisite strategy.


In this phase you put the plan into action. 

The Unstuck Group helped us find strategic alignment as a multisite church.

'That variety of experiences and insights in the church world have been great for us.'

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

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Tools for evaluating and maintaining strategic alignment through every part of the organization.

A campus financial model to move each new location towards self-sustainability.

A proven plan to effectively restructure your staff team to correspond with the multisite strategy.

A clear understanding of decision rights for reduced tension & conflict.

A replicable new campus launch plan, and an overarching strategy for future expansion.

Clarity around mission field/strategies for reaching new people—and how you replicate.

Six months after engaging our team for church consulting, 9 out of 10 pastors recommend us to another church-because they are seeing real results.


"The talks around communication, decision making and staff structure were so defining and helpful that we now know they may have saved our second location a painful experience or possibly even not making it. It's going really well and our processes in these areas are actually working."

Shayne O'Brien

Rockpointe Church


"Our big question was how does multisite impact the staff and how we lead together, relate to each other, and make ministry decisions going forward. Our #1 win for the strategic planning process is that we were given the right tools, to make the right decisions, at the right times!"

Jim Johnson

Preston Trail Community Church


Let us help you continue to fulfill God’s calling on your church to reach more people in more places. 

Start a conversation today!

The Multisite Unstuck process will work for you, too.

Engaging this process will equip you to get your church unstuck with the practical knowledge needed to stay on the multisite path—and experience continued ministry health as you reach and disciple more people in more places.