Are You Missing Out on These?

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Our team at The Unstuck Group loves to provide resources to help churches and leaders get unstuck. Our whole team currently serves in ministry roles and are always looking to learn and grow as leaders. One of our favorite resources are podcasts—they’re free, convenient, and available for just about any topic.

If you’re still not taking advantage of podcasts, here’s a clear post on how simple it is to start listening.

This past week, we swapped favorite podcast episodes and came up with this list of our recent top three. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful, too.


18 Churchy Things the Class of 2018 Won’t Get

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Around this time of year, the mainstream media and Internet meme-machines like to remind us how old we are by telling us all of the things this year’s high school graduates won’t remember because, well, they weren’t even born yet.

That list is usually all pop culture, technology and political references. But what about church? I bet we can make a good list.


Volunteer Engagement: Leading with a Scarcity Mentality

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When it comes to volunteers, do you lead with a scarcity mentality?

A scarcity mentality can get your church stuck. And not just when it comes to our time or money, but with our people as well.

  • What if our volunteers find somewhere better to serve?
  • Are we offering them enough opportunities?
  • Why does it seem like they’re just not interested anymore?

We have bought into the lie that the mission and vision of our church is not big enough to compete with organizations outside the church that are also fighting for people’s attention. Not only is this harmful for our morale internally, but it’s also a sign of an inwardly-focused church.


3 Principles for Strategic Growth

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To lead something from good to great takes grit. Despite knowing this, I can often find myself knowing what it takes to get somewhere, but hesitant to move forward.

I’ll lose progress.

I’ll fail.

I’m not sure I’ll still be moving in the right direction.

Instead of taking action, fear takes control, I stay complacent and progress ceases.

Can you relate?


5 Reasons Your Small Groups Aren’t Working

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There are several reasons why your small group system may not be working. I talk to leaders all the time who are struggling with small groups because their church just won’t buy into the concept of community outside Sunday morning services. Most of the time as I continue to go deeper into these questions, similarities pop up. Here are a few reasons I’ve found that might explain why your small groups aren’t working.


6 Keys to Motivating Millennial Leaders

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If you have any millennials on your church staff, you know that they’re different. And while many traditional church leaders are quick to equate a different approach with a wrong approach, wise leaders know that different just means, well, different. In fact, different could even mean better.


5 Reasons You’re Probably Going to Fail

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“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

If you’ve ever taken a chance, you’ve inevitably failed. And as you probably know, failure is not negative in itself — it’s how you handle it that matters. The best way to move past failure is to learn why it happened, and what you can do to prevent it in the future.


How to Resurrect a Dead Church

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During my sixteen years of pastoring, I did a lot of funerals. I remember doing one in particular for an avid farmer who attended our church because, at the risk of sounding morbid, I specifically remember how impressive the casket was. On the side of it was an exquisite engraving of the deceased, driving a John Deere tractor — and it actually looked just like him! As time went on, I noticed a lot of families did things like that for their loved ones. I’ve seen everything from race cars to twelve point bucks engraved on caskets.


Easter Prep: You Still Have Time For These Ideas

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We’ve noticed this curiosity over the last few years when we share content related to Easter:

If we create content about planning Easter services and publish it when we think church leaders need it (e.g. in February), it goes unnoticed. If we publish content closer to Easter, when it’s mostly too late to make new plans or change existing ones, it gets lots of attention.


Why Ministries Become Museums — and How They Could Avoid It

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Abandoned church buildings of all shapes and sizes dot the American landscape—from the Northeast to the Southwest. A massive steepled brick church on Main Street in my city was torn down a few years ago. The congregation could no longer afford to keep it open, and the city block was coveted. The newspaper reported outrage, but it didn’t matter. The church couldn’t sustain its piece of history with a declining member base, a fuzzy vision, and outdated strategies.