Leader Vitality: Use This Tool to Start the New Year with a Healthy Perspective

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There’s a reason you can find thousands of books, blogs and podcasts on leadership:

Leading people is hard in any organization, and especially in the church.


Church Staffing: One Church’s Story of Structuring to the Strategy

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Sometimes I get nervous when I see a pastor’s number pop up on my phone a few months after we finish a Staffing & Structure Review. A million scenarios (usually worst case) go through my head. I wonder if someone resigned, got sick, refused a suggested move…  

However, when one pastor’s name popped up recently, I started smiling.


Centralized vs. De-Centralized Multisite Models: Which is Best?

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When churches experience growth, the multisite conversation often comes up. But that doesn’t mean the next step is always obvious. There are several different strategies for launching campuses.


7 Frustrating Symptoms of Doing Ministry Without a Strategy

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I’ve met lots of church leaders who take pride in the fact that they don’t do strategic planning. They insist they rely solely on God to move. Ironically, not having a plan is the same as having a plan to do nothing. And when you have a plan to do nothing, there are some natural consequences. I’ve written about these consequences for years, and I still see churches operating like this every week.


Confessions of a Conference Junkie

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I try to attend at least two or three leadership conferences each year. There is a lot of value in hearing talented, gifted people share their stories and experiences. In addition to hearing great speakers, the conversations with other attendees are priceless. Some of my greatest learnings and takeaways have happened over a cup of coffee in-between sessions with like-minded leaders.


The 5 Most Common Core Issues Churches Face Today

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Whenever our team works with a church on strategic planning, the church pinpoints several “core issues” they believe are the most important things holding them back from being the church God has called them to be. After identifying those areas, they can make plans that will actually move them towards sustained health.