Better Together: An Interview with Brad Jenkins on Church Merger Success

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Whenever we work with churches, we are always on the lookout for good stories to share. I recently got to talk with Brad Jenkins of Anthem Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. After 10 years of operating as The Gathering Church, Brad and his team merged with Liberty Church to further their reach—which meant Brad went from leading a church of 200 with five staff and one Sunday service time to leading a church of 500 with 12 staff and two services. Six months into the merger, Anthem contacted The Unstuck Group to help them sort out staffing, structure and ministry priorities through our strategic planning process.


Read on to hear about about what Brad and the team learned about leadership through the merger process.


4 Tips for Dealing with Team Conflict

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Team health is vital when it comes to ministry effectiveness. A healthy team encourages vitality and growth, while malignant teams leak poison into the organization. However, creating healthy teams isn’t easy. Every church, large and small, experiences internal friction because people will always be people – and people are wired differently. Plus, we have an adversary who’s always trying to disrupt the work of the church.

team conflict


Four Reasons Why Pastors Need Community

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We all need community. In fact, we were designed by God to be in community. You can see it modeled for us with the perfect relationship of the Trinity in Genesis.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock, all the earth, and the creatures that crawl on the earth.” (Gen 1:26)


How Can You Measure Church Health? This Report Can Help.

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At The Unstuck Group, we work with hundreds of churches each year. We observe a lot of different types of leaders, teams, structures and methods. However, many of these leaders have something in common—something we find concerning.


4 Questions for Better Sermon Series Planning

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If you were to ask someone who attends the church that I’m a part of why they first started attending, you’d more than likely hear something like this: “A friend invited me to that series with U2 music, because I love U2,” or “My first weekend was during that series about the wilderness,” or “I first attended because I saw your ad about the marriage series.”

Notice people don’t often say, “I came because I heard your bible studies are the best,” or “your church seems to have the cleverest phrases on your roadside sign.”


8 Red Flags for Ministry Staff Recruiting

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As staff recruiting in the ministry world continues to evolve and become more competitive and sophisticated, churches and recruiting firms have developed a keen sense of red flags during the recruiting process that help indicate whether a candidate is a good fit for your church or not. Those red flags may be a bit different from church to church, but there are many red flags that are fairly consistent across the board.


Leading Scared

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Leading change in the church can be terrifying.

No amount of advice, pep talks or planning can prepare you for the feeling that you’ve just jumped off of a cliff. That’s because you know you’re trading safety & security for the dream of something bigger. You’re trading something tangible for something possible. And the scary part is – none of it belongs to you. The weight of stewardship in these situations is staggering.


3 Reasons Pastors Fail to Cast Vision Effectively— And How to Overcome Them

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I knew the day was coming—I’d been sensing it for some time.

Our church had been cruising along for years, experiencing steady growth and a vibrant community based around a strong vision. New people checked us out every week. We saw people committing their lives to Jesus on a continual basis. But under the surface were obstacles that were being ignored. Eventually it happened! Our momentum came to a screeching halt as we experienced a major church split.