What a Millennial Parent Wants in a Church

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3 Essentials + 4 Really Nice-to-Have’s

Let me start by saying the title of this article bugs me, and I wrote it.

I’m a Christian Millennial parent. I’m not one of those Millennials who left the church only to return after having a child. I’ve been here and engaged the whole time.

But having a child did change my point of view more than I expected it would—and it ultimately sent us church-hunting.


Live-Teaching in Multisite: How Community Christian Makes It Work

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We are always excited when someone contacts us about engaging in multisite consulting. Typically, this is an indicator that a church is experiencing growth, and needing additional space and resources to provide for the demand. More people get to hear about the Kingdom of God, and we love nothing more than that.


Where Do You Feel Stuck as a Leader? Fall 2018 Leadership Coaching Networks

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Books, conferences and podcasts provide great teaching and models—but are you being coached as a leader?

We’ve been offering coaching networks for 10 years now. The reason we keep offering them is because pastors continue to share stories with us of how their churches have experienced greater health and growth after implementing the things they learned in coaching.


Now Hiring: Fall 2018 Communication & Sales Interns

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Do you know a student who has a passion for the Church and for excellent communication or sales?

The Unstuck Group has an internship program for college students who are passionate about the mission of Jesus and helping the Church get unstuck. We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 Marketing & Communications Intern and Sales Intern positions.