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As a pastor’s kid, Chad has been exposed to the world of church his entire life. He has actively served in ministry for over 25 years, including 16 years as a Lead Pastor. Chad has served urban and rural churches with attendance from 50-1200 through coaching, strategic planning and pastoral leadership development. Chad and his wife love taking all day road trips (and sometimes off-road trips) in their Jeep Wrangler. In addition to consulting with The Unstuck Group, Chad currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Victory Hill church in Scottsville, KY.

Easter Weekend Prep: Polish What’s Working. Don’t Start Something New.

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Holidays can bring new people to your church and create opportunities for impact. Most pastors can easily name the big days that bring high attendance. But knowing about big days and planning for them are two different things.

Too often, these calendar-given gifts sneak up on pastors, resulting in last minute planning and low impact. One of the biggest days comes early this year. Easter weekend is only a few weeks away!

When big days sneak up on you, the rule of thumb is to polish what’s working instead of trying to create something new. Creating new requires time and planning, and time isn’t on your side.


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3 Strategies to Leverage Christmas for Reaching New People (Yes, you still have time)

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Even if you have no idea what Christmas looks like today, it’s not too late to put something on the whiteboard and start brainstorming.


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