March 25, 2020

Be The Church: Unique Ways You Can Serve Your Community in This Crisis

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Here are a few ideas of how you can still be the hands and feet of Jesus

Church leaders, we see you.

We know the hard work and necessary adjustments you’ve made so you can continue serving and reaching people through a video venue. And while we approach each week with new uncertainty, we encourage you to rest knowing the Lord knows what’s coming next, and he’s calling us to simply be the Church.

This can look different for different churches, but we’ve seen churches utilize this crisis to serve their communities in unique ways. Here are a few ideas of how you can still be the hands and feet of Jesus, in the midst of closed church doors and social distancing—

1. Video Recording and Editing for Churches:

Many churches had already established a media presence before COVID-19. Unfortunately, most did not (especially smaller churches). Your church could provide video recording, editing and coaching for churches that aren’t capable of going online.

If your neighboring churches don’t have the training or equipment, invite them to teach at your church on your stage. They can share their recorded teaching on their website or social media page.

2. WIFI Hotspot for Students: 

Schools have shut down across the nation. Students were sent home with online assignments and links to virtual classrooms. While it may be hard to believe, there are a lot of students that do not have wifi in their homes.

Your church could provide wifi safe space for students to complete their online assignments. You could set the rules to ensure safety (social distancing, sanitization, etc).

3. Student Food Delivery:

Many schools are offering lunch delivery to the homes of their students. Contact your local board of education and ask how your church can partner in the delivery process.

Our church is currently serving with our board of education. We have teams deliver lunch Monday through Friday. We have since learned that many children would not have lunch if it weren’t for the efforts made by the schools.

4. Impact Local Eateries:

Restaurants are in a really scary place right now. They are solely dependent upon drive-through and curbside services. Mobilize and schedule your small groups to meet (and order) at different local restaurants. Use Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. to host small groups and share a meal together from the comfort and safety from your car.

If that’s not possible, place a group order and eat at home while on Google Hangouts with your group. This will make a lasting impression on your local restaurants, as well as keep your small groups active and making a difference.

There are so many ways the church can shine for Jesus in times like this. As the days progress and as things continue to change, new opportunities will continue to emerge.

People are looking for hope. Let’s be actively seeking how we can show people the love of Jesus during this time of crisis.

Have you seen any other creative ways churches are using their resources for the community?

Our team would love to hear about it. Use the hashtag #unstuckchurch on social media and share with us. It excites us to hear how churches are being the Church.

If you’re looking for resources to help you lead during this time, check out our Coronavirus Response Resources page. The Unstuck Group team is constantly updating it with encouraging tools and resources to equip you to navigate this crisis well.

Chad Hunt -

As a pastor’s kid, Chad has been exposed to the world of church his entire life. He has actively served in ministry for over 25 years, including 16 years as a Lead Pastor. Chad has served urban and rural churches with attendance from 50-1200 through strategic planning and pastoral leadership development. Chad and his wife love taking all day road trips (and sometimes off-road trips) in their Jeep Wrangler. In addition to working with The Unstuck Group, Chad currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Victory Hill church in Scottsville, KY.

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