Coronavirus Response Resources for Pastors

While the world around us pauses and isolates to try to combat the spread of COVID-19,
there is a great opportunity for the church to shine.

Coronavirus and the Church

The time has never been more appropriate for you and your ministry team to be the church.

Though there’s never been anything like this in our lifetimes, we have previously experienced crisis. When crisis disrupts individual lives, communities and even our nation, people are inclined to turn to the church for assurance and understanding. This will be no exception. We’re certain God will use this crisis to turn people’s hearts toward him.

Because of that, we think you and your church are uniquely positioned to impact your community. Even though worship gatherings will likely pause at your church, the time has never been more appropriate for you and your ministry team to be the church.

Lead like Jesus has transformed your life. And leverage this moment for the church to bring assurance and hope to a world filled with fear.

We are now creating resources every day to try to support you as you lead through this crisis. We will keep updating this page with new content as we roll it out. We will also curate content here that we find from the hundreds of other church leaders who are pulling together tools and resources to support you.

We’re FOR you, and we’re in this with you.

30-Day Crisis Response Coaching

None of us have been in this exact situation before, our team can help pastors facing significant issues, such as…

  • Redefining the win and the strategy for your weekend experience

  • Building a plan for online engagement with technology that works

  • Processing staff role changes, along with potential compensation adjustments

  • Critical analysis of the church budget to find ways to reduce costs

  • Moving giving strategy online

and we have experience walking churches down those paths.

We can provide a coach to ask you the right questions, help you cut through the clutter, and guide you towards clarity around what’s important NOW.

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Webinar Series

Each week, we’re going to offer you a free webinar on topics related to how the Church, and more specifically your leadership, can respond to the coronavirus crisis and prepare you to lead well on the other side. We’ll save 15 minutes for live Q&A in each webinar.

If there are topics you’d like us to cover, drop us a note using #unstuckchurch on Twitter or email our team at


If money was a challenging topic for church leaders before, it feels all-out tricky right now. What’s appropriate? What’s helpful? What’s effective? What’s right

Questions about how our churches navigate finance and giving discussions during this crisis have been pouring in. 

On April 2, 2020 at 1 p.m. EST, we asked a few pastors to join us for a conversation on how real churches are responding. Expect practical examples and best practices we’re seeing across the country.


Watch video replays of the earlier webinars in this series.

Webinar #1: What Should We Do Next? 

Webinar #2: Re-Imagine Easter Gatherings 

The Unstuck Church Podcast

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Tony Morgan’s initial thoughts on the Christian response to coronavirus. The time has never been greater for the church to shine.

It’s simple to use and quick to get set up. Just go to your church’s Facebook page and follow these simple steps.

If you’re scrambling to offer a quality online service, these are easy to set up, simple to use packages in a range of prices.

Here are a few ideas of how you can still be the hands and feet of Jesus, in the midst of closed church doors and social distancing.

Hosts Brian and Chris talk about how to have community during this Coronavirus pandemic. Great resource for churches that do small groups.

While everything is going online, your congregation doesn’t need to know where you’re located—they need to know how they can get connected virtually.