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We see this all the time: church staff teams are not built for growth. It’s one of several church staffing/structure issues that consistently reveal themselves when my team and I are serving churches across North America.

We typically recommend that church think ahead, designing a future structure that would support the ministry if it were twice its current size. Sticking with your current structures and leadership capacity will get you the same results you’ve always achieved. It takes new structures and increased leadership capacity to achieve new, expanded results.

William Vanderbloemen and I recently teamed up to host a free webinar to help church leaders think through best practices for staffing to fulfill your vision.

Here are a few things we covered:

  • How to get the right people in the right position on your staff

  • How to encourage your leadership team to own a vision

  • How to evaluate whether your team needs an internal or external hire


Healthy, growing churches plan before they build. That biblical approach works for both the physical infrastructure and the people infrastructure. We hope you’ll check out the replay of our conversation!

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