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There is an overwhelming amount of resources in the digital realm. It is virtually impossible for us to digest and evaluate all of this information presented to us, which is why we love to recommend what’s been clicking with us recently.


We’ve recommended a few podcast episodes over the last few months, and here are a few more:

1. Clay Scroggins On How The Digital Disruption Is Changing Everything For Churches And Businesses (Carey Nieuwhof)

The evolution of technology over the past 10 years alone is astonishing. With that comes a strong opportunity that a lot of leaders are missing out on. Carey and Clay Scroggins dive into this “digital disruption” and the importance for church leaders to take part.

2. The Forbidden Phase (Craig Groeshel)

Culture is created from senior leadership. Through relationships, words, behavior and interactions, staff members and volunteers replicate what you create. Craig discusses why the Forbidden Phase needs to be eliminated from team language and culture, as it casts blame. Instead, cast vision.

3. How to Stop Mental Exhaustion So You Can Work Smarter (StoryBrand with Donald Miller)

It seems like leadership and mental exhaustion are strongly correlated. Time often seems to get away from us, the task list gets longer by the minute, and we leave little to no time for ourselves to mentally recharge. Donald Miller talks with Olympic medalist and leadership consultant Bonnie St. John about small techniques to stay on top of our game and be a thorough leader.


Also check out the The Unstuck Church Podcast! Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson also host a weekly podcast around church leadership and growth topics that you can subscribe to here. Check out some of our recent episodes our listeners have enjoyed:

Five Way to Impress Your Church’s First-Time Guests 

Tony interviews Amy about thee most common “misses” she sees when churches welcome first-time guests. Whether it’s a crowded bulletin or a lengthy message, these issues typically have easy (and inexpensive) solutions.

How to Increase Your Leadership Capacity

While this is not the case for everyone, there are certain people whom God specifically calls to be leaders within the Church. If you are a church leader, it is important for you to know both your leadership capacity and how to grow from here in your leadership abilities.

Do you have any podcast recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below or on social media using #unstuckchurch.

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