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episode 150
Leadership Skills You Don’t Learn in Seminary 
episode 149
Clarifying Decision Rights
episode 148
NEW Data on How Churches Are Responding to the Pandemic Today
episode 135
Planning for Remarkable Weekend Services
episode 134
Predictable to Remarkable: Compelling Weekend Services
episode 133
Balancing Management and Leadership
episode 132
How to Increase Your Team’s Productivity by 30%
episode 130
How to Develop a High Impact Church Staff
episode 129
Invite Strategy for a Post-Church Culture
episode 128
Planning for Sustained Church Health
episode 127
Developing an Effective Ministry Planning Rhythm
episode 126
Hope Is Not a Strategy for the New Year


episode 125
What Happened in 2019
episode 124
3 Roles an Executive Pastor Can’t Delegate
episode 123
Budgeting to Thrive with Chris Hodges
episode 122
Strategic Financial Planning with Jill Mutimer
episode 121
Money Management for Churches with Dan Dorner
episode 120
Funding Ministry with Joe Park
episode 119
Leadership Development with Paul Alexander
episode 118
Christmas is the New Easter (Replay)
episode 117
10 Things Unstuck Churches Do Right (Part 2)
episode 116
10 Things Unstuck Churches Do Right
episode 115
Insider-its, Narcissim & Other Reasons Churches Don’t Reach More People
episode 114
Get Your Church Staff Unstuck
episode 113
Next-Steps Guest Engagement
episode 112
First-Step Guest Engagement
episode 111
First-Time Guest Engagement
episode 110
Pre-Guest Church Engagement
episode 109
More Church Engagement Q&A
episode 108
Is Multisite on the Downslope?
episode 107
Social Media Best Practices
episode 106
Increasing Church Engagement
episode 105
Sermon Series Planning
episode 104
New Guest Connection Strategies for the 21st Century
episode 103
Getting Clear on Brand
episode 102
3 Reasons Why Your Church Isn’t Producing Spiritual Growth
episode 101
Get Through: Connecting with People in a Busy Culture
episode 100
Managing Multisite Tensions
episode 88
Multisite Q&A with Jim Tomberlin (Part 2)
episode 87
Reliable Metrics for Church Health & Growth
episode 86
What Church Growth Requires
episode 85
Over-Programmed Church
episode 84
Communication Basics Tripping Churches Up
episode 83
Multisite Q&A with Jim Tomberlin (Part 1)
episode 82
Church Staffing Pain Points (Part 2)
episode 81 
Church Staffing Pain Points (Part 1)
episode 80
Mental Health
episode 79
Blindspots: Is Your Church Protected?
episode 78
4 Worst Practices for Connecting with New Guests
episode 77
4 Ways Ministries Embrace Mediocrity
episode 76
How Great Missions Turn Into Routine Jobs
episode 75 
Ready or Not for Multisite? (Revisited)
episode 74
Tony’s 2019 Resolutions for Churches


episode 73
How to End Mediocre Weekend Experiences
episode 72
Developing More Strong Teachers
episode 71
5 Barriers to Engaging Volunteers
episode 70
The 4 Things It Takes To Get Unstuck
episode 69
8 Politically Incorrect Thoughts About the Church
episode 68
A Deeper Dive on Church Health Trends
episode 67
Why Church Architecture Is Critical to Your Ministry Strategy with Mel McGowan
episode 66
Lance Witt on Balancing Health & Performance on Your Team
episode 65
4 Signs Your Church Is Inwardly Focused
episode 64
Why Your Worship Leader Shouldn’t Lead the Creative Team
episode 63
These Are Killing Your Church
episode 62
2 Common Barriers to Effective Church Leadership
episode 61
Why Church Communications Is Stuck in 2004
episode 60
Andy Stanley on Rethinking a Text-Based Faith
episode 59
Stuck Staff Structures
episode 58
Rogue Ministries
episode 57
Become a Church That Gets Stuff Done
episode 56
Carey Nieuwhof on The Cynicism Problem & Antidote
episode 55
Thom Rainer on How to Become a Welcoming Church
episode 54
5 Ways to Help the Driver Drive
episode 53
When the Lead Pastor Sits in the Driver’s Seat
episode 52
6 Ways to Solve Your Communication Problems
episode 51
The Greatest Hits
episode 50
Put Your Money Where Your Crowd Is
episode 49
4 Barriers to Engaging Your Volunteers
episode 48
How to Increase Your Leadership Capacity
episode 47
Who’s Missing on Your Leadership Team?
episode 46
Trends in Growing and Declining Churches – Part II
episode 45
5 Ways to Impress Your Church’s First-Time Guests
episode 44
Trends in Growing & Declining Churches
episode 43
5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Campus Pastors
episode 42
Core Issues We’re Seeing in Stuck Churches
episode 41
5 Practices to Multiply Leaders in the Church
episode 40
How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
episode 39
Show Me the Money
episode 38
The Systems Lid to Growth