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Since you’re here, chances are you heard Carey Nieuwhof and Tony Morgan talk about the typical lifecycle of a church on a recent episode of Carey’s podcast.

Here’s a visual that might help it make more sense:

The Unstuck Church_bell curve_life cycle

Most churches start, grow, thrive, decline and eventually end. We don’t believe that’s God’s plan for the Church.

From our data, we’ve found the vast majority of church teams self-identify on the right side of the life cycle, with 60% finding themselves in Maintenance Phase.

Where is your church in its lifecycle today?

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“It was the best two days of strategic planning I’ve ever done. Clear, helpful and practical, we did what I thought would take us months (create a new vision) in just two days. Impressive.”

Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor at Connexus Church, Barrie, ON

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