Church Engagement Report 2019

The word engagement is loosely defined and easily manipulated to mean different things to different people.

What we mean by “engagement” as church leaders has its own uniqueness.

But how exactly?

What will it mean to be an engaging church in the next decade? How will we measure it?

All church leaders know that measuring weekend service attendance alone falls short of giving us a true measure of church health. With this project, we aimed to learn a little more about how churches are defining and measuring engagement.

With responses from 176 churches, this Church Engagement Report 2019 will shed some light on where things stand today.

In particular, the data showed compelling differences in engagement between growing and declining churches. For instance, it answered questions like:

  • Is a higher frequency of attendance more correlated with growing or declining churches?
  • With which social media platforms are churches seeing the most engagement growth?
  • How does small group participation correlate with church growth or decline?

Check it out! We included a section of discussion questions at the end to help you take some insights from the report, apply them to your ministry context and find some practical next steps.

The Unstuck Group