Free Webinar: How to Get Your Church Governance Unstuck


Poor governance structures and dysfunctional boards lead to stuck churches. And while church boards don’t have to be dysfunctional, more often than not, pastors reach out to us because they are...

Establishing a healthy structure and creating clarity around your board is critical. Our research has shown that stuck churches have 40% larger boards and 2x as many people involved in committees... In other words, Complexity leads to stuckness.

Tony 2021

Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

was live on December 1, 2022

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

— Tension between board and staff over roles and decision rights

— Lack of alignment over vision and strategies

— Too many meetings, little progress and slow decision-making

— Lack of support (both encouragement and accountability) for the senior pastor

— Lack of fresh (and sometimes younger) voices in leadership

— Unclear reporting relationships and communication structures

When functioning poorly, the church board becomes a restraint rather than a resource.


Governance issues may be the one reason your church is stuck. But when the church staff and board are aligned and on mission together, the church can thrive.

That's why, at this free one-hour event, Tony Morgan, Amy Anderson, and special guests will help you identify the governance issues that may be holding your church back and walk you through:

Structuring Your Governance to Increase Unity
Defining the Roles of the Board vs. the Staff
Moving from More Meetings to More Ministry
Improving Your Bylaws, Policies & Procedures

Pastors, invite your board and participate in this event together. Together, commit to laying a stronger foundation for the health of your ministry.

You’ll leave this event ready to begin addressing and fixing your governance issues so you can get your church unstuck in 2023.

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