FREE WEBINAR: How to Engage More Volunteers & Leaders This Fall


It’s clear that there are way too many benefits to building a healthy volunteer culture for churches to ignore or push aside the current challenges you might be facing in this area.

So as we approach Fall 2022, how can we attract and engage more volunteers and leaders to our ministry teams? And once we’ve engaged them, how do we approach onboarding and caring for our volunteer teams?

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Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

If we’re not helping people engage the mission as part of the body of Christ, we’re not helping people become more like Jesus.

Serving should be a key step in the spiritual formation journey. Our recent data shows that churches with higher volunteer engagement are reaching 4 times more new people. Churches with more volunteers are also reaching more people for Jesus—they have 40% more decisions to follow Jesus.

Every staff person should share in the responsibility of equipping God’s people to do the work of God.


We invite you and your staff team to join us for this free one-hour training event, where we’re equipping your team to attract and retain more high-level volunteers and volunteer leaders this fall.

How to attract more volunteers for your ministry areas
How to engage more high-capacity leaders (and how to retain them)
An interview with Journey Church on increasing volunteer engagement

If you want your church to experience health and growth in the future, you need to equip people to do the work of God and empower people to engage in the mission.

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