How to Lead a Divided Church


We know the Church is called to unity, but it feels like we're more divided than ever.

Church leaders are caught in the middle as political and cultural issues fracture congregations, families, and relationships. Some are even considering leaving ministry altogether.


Andy Stanley

Tony 2021

Tony Morgan

LIVE on November 9th

1-2 PM EST

How can we lead boldly from a place of unity and peace?

In this one-time livestream event, witness a candid conversation between Tony Morgan and Andy Stanley, Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church and host of the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast, on how to lead a divided church.

Leading a Divided Church

Healthy discourse is in short supply, yet Christians are called to both grace and truth.

On November 9, listen in as Tony Morgan and Andy Stanley explore this tension, while practically addressing a range of topics.
What is unique about this cultural moment
How churches can reach and minister to diverse mission fields
When our people choose politics over the mission
How we can experience unity when there's so much division in our world
How pastors can shift their teaching to encourage unity
How churches can begin to break through the noise of social media and news

The Good News of the Gospel disrupts the division of the world. We have reason to hope.

Watch the Event Replay: